The main detail in the design of the area for labour protection - information stand. It is best for this purpose will approach the Board with a soft surface, to which buttons are attached to ads. Stands with plastic pockets A4 not comfortable. Not always the material you want to publish, is placed on sheets of standard size.
The stand must have a name. Place it near the top edge of the Board. It is possible to exploit the standard: "company news", "Useful information", Information "division of personnel". Or compose your own original, which meets the scope of the organization where you work.
Divide the information booth in half. On the one hand, place the answers to most popular questions. There should be information about the design of compensatory time off, vacations, overtime, etc. each company has their own priority information. And the personnel Department should be the first to know about news in your organization. There's also attach your fire evacuation plan and safety instructions. On the other hand stand to hang the greetings, the photos of the best employees, birthdays and so on. If you need to communicate something very important, make the title "Urgent". Be sure to highlight it with different color font and large letters.
Place the Bulletin Board pocket "Corporate mail". Therefore, the personnel Department will establish feedback with the employees of the enterprise. Even an anonymous letter will help you to get information that will never announce at the meetings.
Next to the Board place a table on which lie two or three copies of the code with the bookmarks on the laws on labour protection. Still on the table should be examples of applications for leave, dismissal and recruitment, and a set of handles. It will help employees to execute documents, which the personnel Department publicly ...
Near the information booth, or above the Desk hang photos of employees at work. If you have a manufacturing organization, place in the area of labor protection product samples. Put in the office plants, pictures, calendar. Colleagues who came to the personnel Department for advice, needs to feel at home.