For the organization of such work at the enterprise is developed and approved standard for the protection of labor. It to the smallest detail needs to be painted the order, periodicity of training, appointed person. In addition, are developed and approved instructions for the protection of labour to work on all the major professions), a summary of the primary and introductory briefings. These documents are basic to the instruction workers.
Briefings on labor protection at working place stand out from the total number because they are the immediate supervisor (foreman, mechanic, foreman, etc.) in the shop area, laboratories, etc. there are primary, target, repeated and unscheduled training at the work place.
Primary instruction is conducted on the first working day before the employee will be allowed to independent work. It is compulsory for all persons admitted to the company, regardless of the environment (temporarily, for the season, for practice, etc.), or transferred from one structural unit to another.
The briefing conducted by the head of Department, section etc. In the form of conversation to the employee explain in more detail the basic requirements of labor protection: the features of work, safe methods, routes of passage, requirements for clothing and footwear, etc. it is recommended to use a synopsis of primary instruction. To make sure that the subject employee learned, he asked questions.
The results of the instruction are logged in the prescribed form, where instruction and instructively put their signatures. As a rule, after training, the employee is assigned to an experienced worker for training. Her goal – getting skills of safe operations. The number of days (shifts) of the internships depends on the profession, its health hazards, the worker, and others. If the work is not associated with increased security requirements, probation may not be appointed. For this purpose the enterprise must be approved list of professions, whose admission to independent work is carried out without internships.
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Refresher training is conducted, as a rule, 1 time per quarter (but not less than 1 time in six months) in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge on labor protection and safety. It is carried out according to the approved instructions for the job or profession. The result is also written to the log, the signature of each employee and head of Department compulsory.
The reason for the unscheduled instruction may be a change in the technological process, obtaining new equipment, the introduction of new rules, guidelines, cases of personal injury. In the column of "content instruction" you must specify a reason that caused it. This may be a reference to the passport of the new equipment, the number and date of the normative document, instructions, telegrams about the injury, etc.
Another type of targeted instruction. It is carried out before performing the job that is associated with increased risk (e.g., with access to W.-D. the way). It is held by the foreman, shift foreman. If the work involved employees of other structural units, then the target instruction is carried out only by the supervisor (foreman, foreman, mechanic, etc.)