Basic documents on labor protection

The organization of labor protection should be installed local regulations. These include the regulations on labour protection service, which must be approved by the Director. The basis for approval is article 217 of the Labor code. If the number of employees less than 100 employees, the company must be made the order of the assigned duties of an engineer on labor protection per one employee. Forbidden for these purposes, employees of organizations specializing in the provision of services on labor protection, in this case, the enterprise must have a contract with such an organization. The personnel Department should be kept by the job description of an engineer on labor protection, developed in accordance with the Qualification reference book of positions of managers and specialists. Instruction approved by the Director.

In accordance with the standard program "Organization of training of occupational safety" in the enterprise developed and approved by the Director of the Program of carrying out of introductory instructions for labour protection. It is also necessary to make a statement on the introductory instruction, which shall be drawn up on the basis of an approved program of induction. To register conducts induction briefings need to start a special journal. It must be prozorovich, enumerate, seal and sign to maintain it official.
For each employee you must have a Personal card of the course. This document is maintained by the safety, HR or Department heads.

Other necessary documents on labor protection

The company also needed the List of professions of workers who are exempt from instruction in the workplace, it specifies the list of workers associated with the maintenance, repair, adjustment of production equipment with the use of electrified or other tools, storage and use of raw materials. Need to compile a List of professions, before taking on which employees must undergo a medical examination and a List of employees subject to regular health inspections.
The enterprise must have the Program perform the primary instruction in the workplace, which are based on the typical program.

Heads of departments are required to develop their subordinates Instructions on labor protection. For the preparation of these documents are guidelines for the development of health and safety requirements. In accordance with the staffing, production equipment and technological process consists of a List of instructions on labor protection.

Also need the order of the head of the organization about the establishment of a Commission to verify the level of knowledge on labor protection, the Order of training on labor protection, validation Protocols knowledge. Based on the model programs must be developed training Program for engineers, workers on labor protection. The documentation also includes the List of professions of workers who are entitled to free preventive nutrition, List of professions and positions, which is based on results of workwear, footwear and other means of individual protection at the expense of the enterprises, Personal account cards of issue of PPE.