See Order No. 645 dated 12.12.2007 of the year (Appendix 1), according to which the magazines are filled and briefings on fire safety. Such briefings are held regularly with the aim of bringing to the attention of workers to the existing requirements in respect of fire safety and actions in case of occurrence or discovery of a fire.
If the company and the organization has developed special programs for teaching fire safety measures, the instruction will be made directly to the head of the institution or an authorized officer. In any case, the leader (or another officer) should be familiar with the mandatory fire-technical minimum. Please note: to register such program in the fire Department is optional.
Time and nature of the conduct, the instruction may be:
- introductory;

- primary (or primary workplace);


- re;

- unscheduled.
About carrying out any kind of briefing should be made a corresponding entry in the log.
The number of logs is not limited and depends on the size of the staff and the organizational structure of your institution. Logs should be appropriately formed, bound, numbered and sealed with the seal of the organization or enterprise. If your institution has several divisions, each of them needs to be your journal.
Specify in the first column the ordinal number of the instruction, and the second the date of the meeting. The third column is reserved to indicate her date of approval of the current instruction and input it into action. In the fourth column you will need to designate the type of instruction. Then specify the code and the instruction number (or name) and the timing of its revision (plan). The last two columns indicate the position and name of the instructor, and placed his signature.