Advice 1: How to fill out the magazine on fire safety

Each enterprise and each organization must log briefing on fire safety. Usually a briefing with the employees are the representative of the MOE, but, in fact, sometimes this can work and the Ministry staff, or even engineers safety or officials. How to fill a magazine?
How to fill out the magazine on fire safety
See Order No. 645 dated 12.12.2007 of the year (Appendix 1), according to which the magazines are filled and briefings on fire safety. Such briefings are held regularly with the aim of bringing to the attention of workers to the existing requirements in respect of fire safety and actions in case of occurrence or discovery of a fire.
If the company and the organization has developed special programs for teaching fire safety measures, the instruction will be made directly to the head of the institution or an authorized officer. In any case, the leader (or another officer) should be familiar with the mandatory fire-technical minimum. Please note: to register such program in the fire Department is optional.
Time and nature of the conduct, the instruction may be:
- introductory;

- primary (or primary workplace);


- re;

- unscheduled.
About carrying out any kind of briefing should be made a corresponding entry in the log.
The number of logs is not limited and depends on the size of the staff and the organizational structure of your institution. Logs should be appropriately formed, bound, numbered and sealed with the seal of the organization or enterprise. If your institution has several divisions, each of them needs to be your journal.
Specify in the first column the ordinal number of the instruction, and the second the date of the meeting. The third column is reserved to indicate her date of approval of the current instruction and input it into action. In the fourth column you will need to designate the type of instruction. Then specify the code and the instruction number (or name) and the timing of its revision (plan). The last two columns indicate the position and name of the instructor, and placed his signature.
On conducting the introductory, primary, repeated, unscheduled, target fire safety briefing is done the entry in the log book. conduct training on fire safety with a mandatory signature.
Useful advice
All employees are allowed to work only after passing the fire drill and when you change the specificity or regulatory documents on fire safety undergo additional training in the manner prescribed by the Director. The results of fire safety briefing those responsible for their conduct, make a log entry with signature required instructiunea and instructs.

Advice 2 : How to log safety

Every company, especially in companies with dangerous or hazardous conditions, employees shall familiarize themselves with instructions on the technique of security. The employee is responsible for safety, obliged to commit the results of instructions in a special journal. Standardized format for such a document exists, but the company designed the forms themselves.
How to log safety
You will need
  • - blank journal for the issuance of safety instructions;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - instructions on safety.
In the organization of labor protection management of the enterprise should pay particular attention to instructions on the technique of security. For the development of these documents involved specially trained people. In large companies, as a rule, this deals with the Department on labor protection. In small firms the development of the regulations involved heads of services (structural divisions), as well as the responsible person appointed by order of the Director.
Occupational safety, equipment safety are regulated by special collective agreement, other local normative act of the company. The provisions spells out features of the organization of the service, the attached list of documents, which are approved by order of the management.
Try keeping a journal issuing instructions technique safety. On the cover sheet write the name of the document in capital letters. Specify the name of the organization. Enter the name of the service (if the company is large enough to maintain such a journal is needed for each business unit separately). Write the date when you started the document.
Logging is a responsible person appointed by the head. Dismissal of specialist it is recommended to make the act of transfer and acceptance of the journal as well as instructions for the technique of securityattached to it.
In the first column of the document put serial number in the second - enter the date that the issuance instructions to the employee. In the third column of the magazine, write the number (designation) of the user, the fourth of its name. Enter the number of copies (sometimes the user get immediate superiors for multiple workers). Specify the personal data the position of persons who have received instruction in the sixth column, the seventh – ask for the signature of the document. Keep a log once they are full up to 45 years in the archive of the company.

Advice 3 : How to keep a log of coaching in the workplace

In the work place journal of instructionand is conducted by either the personnel Department or accounting. It all depends on the activities of the institution. To read is necessary for all employees under the painting. Liability for non-performance or violation is imposed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
How to keep a log of coaching in the workplace
Take the magazine. Can buy ready-made option in the printing or manufacture it from a notebook or sketchpad. Divide the pivot column 10. Write on them the date that you specify personal data instructiunea, his profession, the type of instruction (it can be primary, repeated, unscheduled, target), the number of the user, the reasons for, if it's repeated, your details, information about training for your signature.
Identify responsible and performers for the conduct of briefing on the working place. Will require the timely organization learning and knowledge testing in General, which rests on the head, and the structural units (shop, station, laboratory, workshop) - the chief of Department. The first instruction passes the head, then the rest.
Develop and approve the program of primary instruction. The specific content of the program depends on the specifics of the profession or type of work. Fire inspection manual will be different than for labor.
Assign persons who will be primary trained. As a rule, newly hired employees, persons performing temporary work for, seconded, builders involved in construction activities on the territory of existing enterprise students, who arrived at training or practice. Persons not related to the maintenance, adjustments, testing and repair equipment, using tools, storage and use of raw materials, the instruction can not take place. In this case, you must issue a relevant order.
Write the text of primary instruction. Use the model instructions on labor protection, and regulations on labor protection. Use the video instructions.
Show the employee the full text of the briefing. You can read it for yourself to give a listen to the audio to see the video. Conducted a survey, which may be oral with the help of technical means of education. Make an entry in magazine, e-registration orientation with the obligatory signature and your instructiunea. Start and make the entry in a personal card training (if necessary).
Write neatly, avoid patching, use the same ink. Page magazineand Proszowice, number the remaining part of the cord attach to the last page part of a sheet of paper on which write the number of pages. All staple print and sign. Register magazine, give it an inventory number. Completely filled log hand over to the person in charge and get a new one instead. Shelf life is 45 years.
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