Every employee, engaged in the production, occasionally must be briefed on safety. This instruction is primary, when applying for a job, re-target and exceptional. The fact of carrying out any of these briefings must be fixed in special magazine of registration of instructing on a workplace. Check out the recommended form of the journal in GOST 12.0.004-90 "Organization of training of safety of labour. General provisions".
The proposed form is a recommendation, but in any case, it is advisable to fill in the log in tabular form. In the sample form of the journal, proposed in annexes 4 and 6 GOST 12.0.004-90, is no count in which were recorded the number of the user, in accordance with which a briefing meeting was held. Use the count of 5, which reflects the kind of instruction. You also have the right to impose additional column to specify the instruction number and its title.
As mandatory leave columns date of training, names, names, patronymics and posts of the instructor and instructiunea, type of instruction and number of instructions. Provide graphs, where there will be a painting instructor and instructiunea, as well as the official who is authorized to give permission to work after training.
Buy a magazine produced in the printing. They are sold in office supply stores. If it failed to do so, make it in an ordinary notebook in a cage. Number each page of the magazine and Proszowice it. Reassure numbering signature of the person responsible for keeping a log of the official and seal of your organization. Keep a log at the head of the enterprise.