To begin, prepare the required to placement on the stand documents. Since, the information that must be provided to the consumer, fused regulated in several legal acts including the law "On protection of consumers' rights, and some of the requirements dictate the regional authorities, guided by a wide range of documents, correcting the contents depending on the activity of the enterprise. So, prepare to embed in the "consumer Corner":
- copy of the certificate on the state registration of the enterprise;

- a copy of the license for activities undertaken by the organization (if they are licensed);

- a copy of a statement of compliance of the premises with sanitary requirements;

- the text of the Law of the Russian Federation "On protection of consumers' rights;

regulations on rules of sale of separate kinds of production (for example, alcohol);

- phone number and address of the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers;

phones for contacting emergency authorities, emergency, police and FSB;

- a list of categories of citizens eligible for extraordinary service (veterans, invalids etc.).
Having defined the list of documents to be placed on the information Board, determine the number of seats (special pockets or corners) and determine the approximate size of the shield, which will be the basis for the "user Area".
Knowing the size and the number of documents that will be placed on the stand, to order the production of "consumer Corner" according to your size or buy ready-made. The manufacture of such information boards are engaged in advertising production company. They have specially designed samples of "Corners" from which it is easy to choose the most suitable for your firm.