A log of safety buy a ready-made or make the sample ready. The cover should indicate in what unit, what company or companies it is stored and the period during which it acts. In some cases, on the first page also requires the signature of the head.
Make sure that on every page of the magazine there is a table containing the following columns:


- surname, name, patronymic instructiunea;

- date;

- signature.
At the bottom of the page there is one line to place the signature instruction and dates of instruction. All pages should be numbered. The font should be large and readable.
The safety instructions in the magazine don't post. They must be available to the person responsible for safety, and required to reside on the well-marked stands thus, to them at any time could see anyone.
In between use store the journal in a lockable cupboard, drawer or safe. Be sure to observe the following sequence: first, carry out instructions and sign the bottom of the page themselves, then, if necessary, set instructively questions, and only after that let them sign the Ledger. Never allow to sign in the journal to persons who actually instructed not passed. Persons signed the log, do not allow any interaction with any hazardous objects existing in the institution or in the enterprise.
Instruct those who have entrusted this work to the person responsible for safety.
If the person having passed the training, received the permission to interact only with certain hardware, don't allow it to work with any other equipment available in the institution or in the enterprise.
Find out the periodicity of the training. Spend it at least deadlines.
To collect employees signatures after each new instruction, use the following log page.
When a log fills up or the end of the validity period, place it in the archive, but instead make new.