You will need
  • journals on electrical safety;
  • instructions on electrical safety.
The log checking of electrical safety should be in any organization. It is possible to buy in shop of goods for office, download sample from the Internet or make your own, considering all requirements.
Decorate the cover. Enter the name and departmental affiliation of your institution. Write the name of the document "audit Log knowledge of the rules of operation of electrical installations (peep) and safety regulations in the operation of electrical consumers (PTB)".
At the bottom of the cover write the words "Started" and "Finished". Enter the start date of fillingand expiry date, leave the place. Write your surname, name and patronymic of the responsible for working on electrical safety. Put the round seal of the organization.
Raschertite page magazine. The table consists of six columns. In the first line, write their names. In the first column are entered surname, name, patronymic, position and work experience in the specialty. Second line, put the group on electrical safety, date previous inspection and evaluation. In the third column, indicate the date and the cause of the current test, and the fourth is the Commission's opinion and evaluation. In the fourth column, put a signature, and in the fifth — the date of the next inspection.
Number the pages and Proszowice magazine. As in other journals for safety, put it on every page not only the number but also the company's stamp and the signature. Under normal conditions, the heads of companies usually do not pay attention to this however, the investigation of the causes of the accident correctly filled out log able to justify the supervisor, safety officer or chief power.
In most institutions you must also fill out the journal account assignment group 1 electrical safety. This group includes elektrotehnicheskiy staff. General requirements to this journaldo exactly the same as the logfrom check. On the cover write the name and departmental affiliation of the enterprises, the name of the journaland, start and end dates, and responsible.
Make a table of six columns. Bring back the ordinal number, surname, name and patronymic, name of Department, occupation, dates of previous and current assignments of the signature check and inspection. Number the pages and sew magazine.