If you have time, you can learn the cadastral value of your land in bodies of rosreestra. To do this, go to office hours in the cadastral chamber, in your area and get the cadastral passport of the land plot. This is done on the basis of an application that you can fill in the body. You will be given a receipt which you will have to pay. The cost of issuing a cadastral passport for individuals is currently 200 rubles. The receipt and completed return the form to the appropriate box in cadastral chamber and get a receipt, with which you in 5 working days will be given a cadastral passport for it. This method is the most reliable because all the information that you receive will be fresh.
Those who have no time getting the cadastral passport, you can learn the cadastral value of the land through the website of Rosreestr ( To do this, go to the website and click on "Electronic services of Rosreestr" on the right.
Next, click on the link "Information in the on-line mode" (it is also located right). You will see the form that you will need to enter information about your land plot cadastral number, or address. Enter what you know and click on the button below "Create request". You will then receive information about your land, including its cadastral value. If instead of information you see on the screen "On your request nothing has been found", you may have incorrectly entered raw data. Verify that the cadastral number between the colons are no extra spaces and also to address lines was at least a minimum of data.
If you need documentary proof of the cadastral value of your land, but you are unable to visit the bodies of the Federal registration service, please order the cadastral passport through the website. Having received the information about your land plot, go to "make a request to the State cadastre of real estate". Further, you only need to fill out a form in on-line mode. To pay a request through the Bank or through payment system Qiwi. The request will be completed within the same five working days. When that happens, your e-mail address will link to the document you can print. However, please note that this document will not be signature of contractor no printing on rosreestra. So if you want, for example, to make a cadastral passport for it to slander as evidence of the cadastral value of the land, it is better to order it in paper form.