Cadastral value of land plots specified for redemption, for tax and in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. There are several basic aspects that can affect the change of cadastral value of land.
The law establishes the following grounds for requiring changes to set the cadastral value of the land:
- clarification of land boundaries or the change of its area;
- change the category of land;
- change of the permitted use of the land.
For calculation of the cadastral value, there is a special factor – the specific indicator of cadastral cost established by the legislation. If it is changed at the legislative level will change accordingly, and the cadastral value of the land.
If specified the boundaries of the land or any reason, is changing its area, accordingly, is subject to change and the cadastral value of the site. It will be established by multiplying the newly defined area at the rate provided for this type of sites.
The ratio of the cadastral value of land vary for different categories of land and can also vary within categories depending on their purpose. So when is the change of the target purpose of the land or transfer it to another category, the recalculation of the cadastral value shall be in accordance with the above ratio, which is set to the newly defined category of land.
If the land is registered on the territory of the village, often have to deal with a change in the permitted use of the site. This concept is often confused with the purpose, however, they are clearly demarcated in the Land code. When making this type of change is changing and the specific indicator of cadastral cost. This leads, respectively, to the change of cadastral value of land.
When changing the permitted land use, the relevant data is entered in the State immovable property cadastre and the State register of real property rights, therefore, the new cadastral value is applied to these lands since the changes.