In the presence of a ' or the conditional number of object to find out its cadastral number, you can through the portal of Rosreestr. To do this, follow the link This portal contains information about the objects of real estate across Russia.
On this portal you must find the link "online". This link is a form of information retrieval. It consists of three search categories, you can search for one of them. This inventory number, reference number and the address of the object. Accordingly, it is necessary to enter in the appropriate field in the requested information, enter text from the image, and the website will show the desired object with all known characteristics.
It often happens that the desired object is also required to find on the map. To do this, follow the link "Public cadastral map" from the left side. In the appropriate box you must enter the inventory number of the object. A map will appear with a small description. It should be noted that the card works not so long ago, and it shows that not all the objects.