You will need
  • request to OPGRC;
  • request to the local municipality;
  • request to FRCSC;
  • request to the district tax office.
First, details of the land contained in the district administration. On all land there is a cadastral plan and a record of the owner. If the land is leased and does not have the property, then owned by the local municipality.
All land transactions are subject to mandatory state registration (article 164 of the civil code). The transaction is deemed legal only after registration and submission of the required documents (article 433 of the civil code). Ownership passes to another person on the basis of the Federal law 122-F3, dated 21 July 1997, on mandatory uniform registration of all real estate transactions. This implies that information about who owns the land, can be obtained in the Office of the Federal registration centres.
Contact WFRC, send a request, pay a state fee for the issuance of information. You will be given an archival listing of all owners, since 1997.
Each plot shall be registered in the state registration centre for unified registration of land plots, cadastre and cartography. Without the cadastral passport of the land survey and the cadastral plan of the land cannot be purchased. The deal just does not register. Therefore, all information about the plot about who did the request for registration of the cadastral passport, a survey, are in the centre of land registration, cadastre and cartography. But in this organization, you can get only the name of the person who was going to issue the right of ownership, but this does not mean that he issued.
After the registration of transactions with real estate, which is land, all the information about the change of ownership within 10 days comes to the district tax office. In this organisation provided full information about the owner. His name, home address, actual place of residence, place of work, phone numbers for communication. Therefore, detailed information about the ownership of land can be obtained at a local tax office. Contact the organization, write statement, specify the reasons why you need to find out who owns the land and you will get full information.