You can learn the cadastral value of the property at the address or conditional room via the portal of Rosreestr (the link on this website and the necessary sections you'll find below). Use the tab more help on real estate online, under electronic services. Just enter your data in the appropriate fields and follow the instructions.
To obtain the cadastral value through the state real estate cadastre (OCG), which is accessed through the same website of Rosreestr. Go for natural or legal persons and tab information from GKN. Complete the requested fields and create the application. Upon completion of all steps, you will be taken to the tracking page the status of the application. Transfer of required information is made within five working days.
Another way to learn the cadastral value of the property at the address is to use public for the citizens of cadastral maps (again on the website of Rosreestr). Find the desired object on the map at the address or cadastral number. So you will receive information about the area, the service organizations and the value of the object. Please note that this service is intended exclusively for personal use: the information cannot be printed and used for legal purposes.
You can download a report with the definition of the cadastral value of the desired property. Go to the portal rosreestra devoted to obtaining information from the Fund cadastral valuation. To use the service you will be able only in case of availability of the corresponding object, which must be entered in the field provided. If the data are in the register, and you have entered the correct details, the information will be displayed immediately.
Please contact any office of the Federal cadastral chamber or the MFC to learn the cadastral value at the address. There you will be asked to complete a statement of information manually. In the presence of the cadastral value of the object in HCN, you will be given a cadastral certificate within 5 working days and free of charge. Also, when submitting a request, you can choose a different method of obtaining this document in addition to the personal office visits, for example, by email or through his official representative.