The monitoring Board is the first step on the way to the goal

To implement this paragraph in the following ways:

1. Online social networks, "avito", "house.<url> and many other online services.

2. Printed materials — Newspapers, magazines and so on.

3. "Word of mouth" — to learn through friends and other persons about selling a home in the country. Maybe some option to find exactly this way.

During familiarization with ads, you need to write down addresses and phone numbers to contact the owners themselves are objects. The day of the meeting, you can assign multiple owners and one not to waste time, especially if you get housing you need in a very short period of time (for example, it's a surprise for my wife).

Inspection of the property is a very important stage

If the house is sold to start right away to live after the move, it is necessary to assess the internal quality of housing. For example, the presence of minor repairs inside the house and outside these walls — roof, Foundation and so on. To guess that the roof is leaking doesn't take much, just look at the walls, of course, if there was no repair, there will be visible rusty spots, and if available — to climb into the attic and have a good look at the roof, paying special attention to their joints. Like anything difficult in it is not, therefore, with this task you can easily handle yourself.

If the property is purchased in order for this site to build new house and other buildings, the above aspects may be omitted. Why to assess them, if everything is demolished and built new?!

The final stage of the deal

Before you put your signature in the documents and transfer money, you need to thoroughly examine each copy and the original. Preferably this should be carried out in the presence of top-notch professional who will be able to warn against possible risks.