1. Purification and liberation of the rooms from personal items and debris. In that case, if you plan to leave something behind for new tenants, it should have a normal view and at least average technical quality for further use. Otherwise, repair or even take to the dump.

As soon as the item will be successfully implemented, proceed to the next stage.

2. Procurement of materials for doing the finishing and repair works. If there is not much free money as you'd like, you should start with a sanitary rooms, bath and toilet. Mandatory replacement of tap system with connecting elements, and will need to produce wet removal of rusty residue in the sink, in the bath, toilet and related devices use.

If possible, you can buy everything new, and the costs to include in the final amount. Because to start discovering the potential buyer of the apartment will start with this room, because if the burst pipe with cold or hot water will have to be repaired not only their homes, but the neighborhood that would suffer from satop.

3. Repair in adjacent rooms — kitchen, living room, hallway. Here you can do small financial investments, it is enough to whitewash the ceiling, pokleit new Wallpaper, clean the Windows, chandeliers, and wash curtains, if they are left for the new owners.

After executing these items you need to be sure to air all the rooms from the smell of paint.

Other aspects of the preparation of the apartment for sale are:

1. The repayment of debts for utility services.

2. Preparation of documents — an extract from the house register all family members, permission to sell the property from your wife/spouse, etc. for a More complete list of documents you need to learn from the experts. Their advice is no less important, if this deal is for the first time.

3. Search for potential buyers.