To buy the land

The purchase of land it is responsible, because it is expensive and is not sold for one year. People seeking to move from the bustling metropolis in a quiet small town can buy the land and build own house. Today it is easy to do is selling plots of different area as for the construction of luxury villas and for the construction of small cottages.

To buy land for individual housing construction is possible from the local administration, of the state or in the secondary market, i.e. at the individual. In any case, we must carefully examine the cadastral passport of the land sold, deal categories of land and its purpose. The house can be erected on the land plot intended for individual housing construction, as well as on-site, which the purpose of villas and gardens. A small caveat – the house built on a garden site, it is impossible to register.

To the land transferred in your property, it is necessary to conclude the contract of purchase and sale and register the change of ownership in the registration authority. At the end of the registration procedure are issued a "Certificate of state registration of rights".

What are the expected benefits, the purchase of land

The land for the construction of a bargain purchase, the price of real estate is constantly growing, then the land can be sold with great profit. It is possible to build the home of your dreams – in contrast to a city apartment, space is limited, to own land, live easy, free, comfortable. Here you can turn around in a big way:

- to build a bath;

- summer kitchen;

- garage;

- to lay the garden;

- to equip a barbecue area and a gazebo for relaxing.

When buying land, you get the opportunity to eat organic, no nitrates, vegetables grown in your garden, breathing fresh air nezagazovannogo.

Purchase of a land plot with real estate Agency

You can purchase a site yourself, but if you want to buy the land cheaply and not to run into scams, contact the real estate Agency. The Agency has a large base of real estate, the most current and relevant pricing information. Our staff consists of competent lawyers, professional managers and agents. All operations on purchase and sale of land carried out in accordance with the requirements of the National standard, all transactions are fairly, transparently, without pitfalls.

When you make the transaction of purchase and sale you get:

- legal support of company;

- assistance in collecting of necessary documents;

- assistance at the notary and state registration.

This will help you to do without hassle and worries. The only drawback – Agency Commission of 10-15% of the transaction.