You will need
  • Cadastral number or the exact address of the land parcel, passport, or equivalent document, mailing envelope if application is made by mail, Internet access.
The production and issuance of the cadastral extracts on the land plots produce territorial units of the Federal government "Land cadastral chamber". A schedule and the address of the relevant Department on the service Portal of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography of the Ministry of economic development. If the cadastral extract need to work on surveying the land, this document usually drawn cadastral engineer in the organization concerned.
You must pay for the service and cadastral chamber for the preparation and issuance of the cadastral extract. This can be done through a Bank or by postal order or using the capabilities of the KIWI Bank for electronic transfers. The cost of the cadastral extract - 400 rubles. The payment receipt must be submitted to the cadastral chamber, together with a statement on the provision of information about land in the form of the cadastral extract.
Now you can go to the cadastral chamber and to apply for obtaining a cadastral extract. A statement on the provision of cadastral extract specialist cadastral chamber fills as the rule itself. The applicant should then just sign it. The statement must be specified cadastral number of the land plot. If the cadastral number of the applicant is unknown, then you can do the exact address. In this case, the experts of cadastral chamber using the inventory data, determine the sector number. Also entered the passport details of the applicant. The statement must identify the method of obtaining a cadastral extract (in a cadastral chamber or by mail) and the required number of copies. In one statement you can specify up to five copies of cadastral extract. The application shall be accompanied by a receipt of payment for providing information. The application will be considered accepted after the receipt of payment on account of the contractor. When sending statements by mail in the envelope it will be necessary to put the receipt on payment and copy of passport of the applicant. Would be better if the letter a statement to be registered with notice of receipt.
The law stipulates the provision of information from the state cadastre of real estate within 5 working days. Thus, after 5 days after application it is possible to go back to the cadastral chamber for discharge on land. If the application is submitted through mail after 5 working days after receiving a letter from the applicant, the experts of cadastral chamber must send a letter to the applicant with the cadastral statement.