There are three types of value of the land: regulatory, market and inventory. The main difference between them is in their definition and application, as they serve different purposes. The market value of the land used in the transactions (e.g. purchase and sale), seizure for state needs. The cadastral value is needed for calculation of the land tax, the calculation of rent for land (if land lease from the state). Since the cadastral value is still not determined for all land plots on the territory of Russia, where it is not defined, applies a normative cost of land. Regulatory cost is usually determined by the municipal authorities, the market and the cadastral - by professional valuers in accordance with the Federal law "On valuation activities in the Russian Federation".
To determine the cadastral value of land is its state cadastral valuation. It is only in respect of the land that is included in the State cadastre of real estate and includes the following steps:
1. the decision about the necessity of such assessment;
2. compiling a list of properties that must undergo this assessment;
3. the choice of an evaluator;
4. the conclusion of the contract with the appraiser;
5. the actual assessment, determination of cadastral value and writing by the evaluator of the report on determination of cadastral cost;
6. examination report;
7. the statement of cadastral cost;
8. publication and introduction of the cadastral value in the State immovable property cadastre of the Russian Federation.
From this list it is evident that a key role in the calculation of the cadastral value of land plays estimator. It operates based on the Federal law "About estimated activity in the Russian Federation" and other acts regulating the conduct of assessment and determination of cadastral value, their knowledge and skills. Upon completion of the valuation of land, the appraiser makes the report on determination of cadastral cost in triplicate. Within 30 days from the date of this report this report verified by an expert subject to the positive opinion of the expert report is accepted by the customer (government).
To know the cadastral cost of land is possible through the portal of bodies of Federal registration service ( To do this, follow the links to "Public cadastral map" or "Background information on real estate in the on-line". In the following sections, you need to specify cadastral number of the land plot in the respective rows, and its cadastral value (as well as other information on the land plot) will be reflected on the screen.