Go to the official website of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography at Open interactive cadastral map. It contains data on land parcels 89 cadastral districts.
In the search window, enter the cadastral number or the region you are interested. You will see a map of the selected region indicating the number of land plots. In menu "Management card" and select the parameters of the objects by placing a checkmark in the appropriate boxes.
To calculate, use the tab menu "Thematic map". Please check the relevant paragraphs of the "permitted uses", "Cadastral value", "Cadastral value per square meter". If necessary, change the map scale to get access to data on small areas included in the register.
If you are the owner of a property or land, contact the tax authority at the place of residence and ask them to calculate the cadastral value of land. After settlement, the tax Inspectorate will present you a written document with the calculations and specifying the amount of payment for the land.
Please contact your regional office ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. Present specialist companies personal passport, document proving the right of ownership or use of land. On request you will be given information about the cadastral value of your property.
Calculate the cadastral value of the plot according to the formula:P = Such. * (RP + RS) * K, gdec. – square footage of land in square meters;RP is a linear function, taking into account the peculiarities of the infrastructure of the settlement (roubles/sq m);RS is a function of the parameters of the deal or a local component (RUB/sq. m); – the transition coefficient.Use the formula in the case when you own the data required to calculate the cost. For more information about the parameters can be obtained from a professional appraiser.