You will need
  • - documents evidencing the right of the subject of land use on the site ( this can be property, rent, etc.);
  • data on the location of the territorial boundaries of the land (copies of the survey plan or map of the land plot or description showing the location);
  • - data on presence/absence of encumbrances (pledge or debt, different types of contracts and limitations).
The market value of the land plot depends on many factors and tends to vary over time. Before ordering the valuation of land, decide the purpose of its acquisition. Often the valuation of land required at the time the division of property or writing a will. So, assessment of agricultural land depends on the fertility, productivity, structure of areas under crops. If the land is in the garden coop, the price will be determined based on statistics of transactions plus the quality and accomplishment of the plot.
Collect the documents of the land. For the evaluation phase you should have the following list: right establishing documents (certificate of state registration; contracts on the basis of which arose the right to property, contracts); documents from the cadastre. And not interfere with the availability of information on communications (presence of utilities, wiring, sewer).
Select the appraisal company and sign a contract valuation of land plot. It should be noted that his signing does not require certification by a notary. After signing the contract appraiser you will proceed directly to the area to conduct a visual examination and probably take pictures. The specialist will review all of the information and will give the result. The average time for evaluation by independent appraisal companies is 3-6 days, after which you will be given a detention.
If you do not find it necessary to contact the appraisal company and sign a contract, you can evaluate the site on the Internet. Go to any real estate website and find the areas with the approximately same location and communications. The cost of your parcel will be approximately equal to the value of these sites. This method of determining the cost for example, if you don't pursue a particularly important strategic goal, for example, plan to take a loan secured plot. Of course, this assessment does not have documentary support and may not guarantee the desired result.