Advice 1: How to estimate the cost of the land

The price of land is determined by the cadastral value, if it is necessary to lay a plot to buy from the state or accrue taxes (Roskomzem letter No. 1-16/1240). For sale is the market price, which assigns the owner based on prices on nearby plots or on the basis of evaluation by independent expert agencies.
How to estimate the cost of the land
You will need
  • - a statement in FUSCH;
  • - application in independent Agency;
  • - passport;
  • - title documents to the site.
To obtain the cadastral value, contact the land Committee. If your site consists of a single state account, you will be able to get help on the cadastral value and show it to the authorities.
The cadastral value of land is determined from the average ratio of the cost in your area multiplied by the land area. This takes into account many parameters. Real estate prices in your town, ownership of the land, permitted use, expected benefit from the use.
Cadastral value calculates the economic Department of the Federal office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. On the basis of the evaluation is drawn up, signed by all members of the evaluation Committee. From this document you can obtain a certificate of the cadastral price. Cost information must submit to the district tax office, and on their basis you will be charged an annual land tax.
Banking institutions issue loans secured by the property only on the basis of the cadastral value. Inquiries about the market price and valuations of the independent expert agencies they do not accept.
Also the cadastral value of the plot is taken into account in the inventory and the seizure of property, when the transfer of ownership of the land, which was formalized in a lease.
If you need to evaluate the land for other purposes such as for sale, you can not assess, and call buyers your price for which you plan to sell the land or apply to the independent expert Agency licensed to carry out activities for the assessment of real estate in Russia.
You will conduct an independent review, and issue a document confirming the estimated value of the land.

Advice 2: How to estimate the cost of land

Valuation of lands required in different cases: sale, loan secured by land plot, determination of rental value, etc. of Course, you can turn to professionals, but to start is to try to evaluate the site yourself to know what to expect and to avoid fraud.
How to estimate the cost of land
You will need
  • Computer with Internet access.
First, you need to know the cost of land in the area. It's easy to do, looking at offers to sell plots on various Internet sites. Carefully view all the available ads to get an idea about the cost of the land. Especially pay attention to the suggestion from different agencies, as in this case, the land is valued by professionals, while the proposal directly from the owner can be overestimated or underestimated. On the other hand, if the cost is roughly the same in all the offers, then the price order on the land in the area was formed and these figures can confidently use.
When assessing the value of land is very important settings of the site. Its size and shape. Too small or too large area more difficult to sell, as this specific proposal, and you may have to dump so as not to lose a client. Form of plot is also important. Ideally it should be square-shaped or not in the form of a highly elongated rectangle. Uneven sides or excessive elongation of area less convenient and reduce its cost. If this is the situation, then see how much lower the cost of such land. In the absence of similar offerings on sale in your area, you can see the other to calculate the total percentage reduction in price of land in this layout.
Convenience of travel to the land also affects its cost. The longer and more inconvenient to go – the cheaper.
Very important role is played by the availability of utilities – gas, electricity, water. You can watch the same sales quotation, or just add to the cost of the land the amount which it would cost to carry out these communications. If they are not in your area, and there are similar – to deduct their cost from the total amount.
Assess the pros and cons of your land, not to be mistaken in the price.
Useful advice
Carefully review your offers about sales. Most likely, you'll be able to find at least a couple of sentences with the same parameters as you, and calculate the cost based on this data.
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