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  • All the information is on the portal you can also use legal systems (Consultant, Garant, Codex), which contains the latest version of legal acts that determine the cadastral value.
All honest taxpayers should know the cadastral value of the land in their ownership, permanent use or inherited. It depends on what size you are going to pay a land tax, because it represents the tax base. According to part 1 of article 391 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, the tax base is the cadastral value of land as at 1 January of the current year. The cadastral value is reviewed at least every 5 years.
In the fall of 2010 to learn the cadastral value of virtually any land has become very easy since earned state portal It is possible to learn the schedule of work of state bodies involved in land and real estate, there is a public cadastral map. To know the cadastral value, enter the cadastral number of the plot you are interested in the appropriate box in the section "Public cadastral map", upload it to the map and find information about the cadastral value in the grey info box, which appears directly after loading the map.
The portal works not so long ago, so there is a probability that you are interested in a plot you will not find. Then you'll have to be a lawyer.
The cadastral value is determined on the basis of decisions of the municipal authorities, and in Moscow and St.-Petersburg - on the basis of the decisions of their governments. For example, in Moscow the main defining document - the Moscow Government Resolution dated 04.12.2007 No. 1046-PP "On approval of results of state cadastral valuation of lands of the city of Moscow". In such acts specified cadastral value for one square meter of land, depending on the area. Accordingly, in order to learn cadastral cost of the plot, you just need to multiply the cadastral value per square meter of land in the area where is located your land on its area.
To know the cadastral cost of land is also important tenants of the plots because it is considered when calculating the amount of rent. Formula for the calculation of rent differ depending on regions.