The easiest way – the use of the official website of the Russian registry. You need to go to the page of reference information about the property, to put a check mark next to "Address", select "GKN" and then enter the necessary data. Better to prepare them in advance, not to spend a lot of time searching. Then click the blue button "Create request". In the end you need to click on the address of your apartment and down to the line "Cadastral value".
To know the cadastral value of the apartment by using the cadastral passport. Give it when buying an apartment or after treatment in special service. Keep in mind that if the passport was obtained before 2012, then it can be information that does not coincide with reality, therefore, it is better to upgrade.
The third option – an appeal to the Cadastral chamber. You need to come to the office and sign a statement that you will get the Registrar. While you need to have a certificate confirming your ownership of the apartment, passport, housing plan (phased) and axelpolo. If the latter two documents you do not, contact the nearest Bureau of technical inventory. After that, you will be given a receipt, which will indicate when you must be.