While purchasing real estate it is important to check the documents for the house and land, as well as to ensure that the construction meets the requirements of residential premises. This does not require a lot of time, but this step will help ensure that the purchase of quality homes.

How to check the documents for the house and land?

The best option is to buy a property that is owned, i.e. it has the Certificate of ownership. This applies both to a house and land allotment. However, even in this case, you should pay attention to the house-book, which should be the owner of the property. You should carefully review each page of the document and to see if any of those spelled out in the house but not live in it. For example, serving at this time, the punishment in "places not so remote." This will serve as an obstacle to the discharge of this man.

You should also ask neighbors whether other applicants for housing, for example, heirs who previously owned the house. They will have the right to demand their fair share of the property within six months from the date of death of the homeowner. If the house is bought in the countryside, you should contact the administration and make sure that the documents provided to the buyer by property owner is genuine.

How to check before buying a house?

It is not recommended to buy a house in the winter. First, it will be impossible to know how good road access to the house and what the land on the site. Second, in the cold season it is difficult to properly assess the condition of the Foundation. It is important to pay attention to what pipe is installed on the roof of the house. Optimally, if it is built of brick. If it is made of asbestos-cement pipe, you need to check how firmly it is fixed.

You must make sure that the water from the well or wells suitable for drinking. You can ask the owners to show maker: if its walls many characteristic scale, the water quality is doubtful. Special attention should be paid to inspection of the cellar. It is advisable to take an awl and "test" with it, the safety of the Arab League and the logs. If the tip of the tool enters the wood with difficulty, so it is well preserved and has sufficient strength. If the cellar in the house is missing is a disturbing factor. It may indicate that the site is regularly waterlogged.

Need to pay special attention to the attic and the stove. Often in older homes that the roof and furnace are in need of serious renovation. The buyer has the sense to know their neighbors and find out if there them from the owners of the disputed questions on the placement of the fence or other buildings. If you follow these simple steps, the risk of buying distressed real estate is minimized.