You will need
  • - hospitalist of title to the country, which is being evaluated;
  • plan (floor) Bureau of technical inventory;
  • - explication of the floor plan of the BTI;
  • - cadastral plan of the land on which the cottage;
  • data about existing encumbrances (mortgage and other debt obligations);
  • data of the customer (individual or legal person)
You can evaluate the professional house appraisers or realtors. For this you only need to come to him and call source data that is at your cottage (only without specifying the full real data). On the basis of the received information, the professionals will make all the necessary calculations. If you want to get the official assessment, make the professionals to undertake assessment work. Then provide all the necessary documents relating to your land and buildings. On the basis of these securities to you and calculate the exact cost of your house.
Alternatively, you can estimate the approximate cost of your cottage ads in the newspaper or the stories of neighbors in gardening. Select in the periodicals section on the sale of real estate and will examine all the proposals are similar to yours. If you want to use the help of neighbors, just ask around, who put his land for sale or just going to do it. So you will be able to know the approximate run-up in prices for country real estate.
To assess their country estate online. For this you need to visit the official website of cadastral service Then go to the interactive map (it is on the main page of the site). It select Federal district, the subject of Russia and the cadastral area, where is your plot. Then the system will offer you the special field in which to enter the number of your earth. And after that the program will give all the necessary information about its characteristics and cost.
At desire it is possible to estimate a separate building, a separate land. For this you also need to turn to professional appraisers. Regarding the plot will be easier to determine the cost, because the main part of it specified in the cadastral plan. But to determine the value of the house it would be better to call an appraiser in place to examine the combination of all the factors existing in the building.