Advice 1: How to assess the country

To assess their property needs for a variety of reasons. For example, without estimation of your apartment or Villa you will not be able to insure, sell, exchange, donate. And if the apartment is more or less clear, but with a rating of villas, many gardeners are at a loss. And lawyers argue, the biggest challenge is to properly collect the documents.
How to assess the country
You will need
  • - hospitalist of title to the country, which is being evaluated;
  • plan (floor) Bureau of technical inventory;
  • - explication of the floor plan of the BTI;
  • - cadastral plan of the land on which the cottage;
  • data about existing encumbrances (mortgage and other debt obligations);
  • data of the customer (individual or legal person)
You can evaluate the professional house appraisers or realtors. For this you only need to come to him and call source data that is at your cottage (only without specifying the full real data). On the basis of the received information, the professionals will make all the necessary calculations. If you want to get the official assessment, make the professionals to undertake assessment work. Then provide all the necessary documents relating to your land and buildings. On the basis of these securities to you and calculate the exact cost of your house.
Alternatively, you can estimate the approximate cost of your cottage ads in the newspaper or the stories of neighbors in gardening. Select in the periodicals section on the sale of real estate and will examine all the proposals are similar to yours. If you want to use the help of neighbors, just ask around, who put his land for sale or just going to do it. So you will be able to know the approximate run-up in prices for country real estate.
To assess their country estate online. For this you need to visit the official website of cadastral service Then go to the interactive map (it is on the main page of the site). It select Federal district, the subject of Russia and the cadastral area, where is your plot. Then the system will offer you the special field in which to enter the number of your earth. And after that the program will give all the necessary information about its characteristics and cost.
At desire it is possible to estimate a separate building, a separate land. For this you also need to turn to professional appraisers. Regarding the plot will be easier to determine the cost, because the main part of it specified in the cadastral plan. But to determine the value of the house it would be better to call an appraiser in place to examine the combination of all the factors existing in the building.
Useful advice
When you evaluate your garden, remember that its cost is affected by many different factors. This distance from the center, and natural factors, and livability of the village.

Advice 2 : How to estimate house

When selling real estate an objective assessment of the cost of housing is the first problem. Not knowing the real value of the apartment or house, there is a risk to sell it for a pittance. Or Vice versa – to inflate the value of the property, thereby scaring potential buyers. So be sure to calculate the real value of the object before selling it.
How to estimate house
You can try to estimate the cost of housing themselves. Examine the logs in real estate and compare your home with logs given in the examples. This is a rather rough way of estimating, as objectively assess their own housing is quite difficult – its always seems better than it really is.
The second method is to contact the Agency for real estate valuation. A specialist can come to your home or give advice over the phone. Of course, if the realtor coming to inspect the house, you will be able to give you the most objective calculation. On the phone the object to evaluate is almost impossible – most likely, you will call only the average price of similar properties in your area, and this figure cannot be considered the real value of your property.
Regardless of whether you turn to professionals for the assessment of the property, or decide to calculate the price of the house by yourself, you need to know what factors affect the value of the property.First, legal options. If the house or apartment no one registered, the cost of housing will be priced higher.
Privatized apartment will cost more privatized. In addition, it is better if the right of ownership of the apartment is not passed from one person to the other and the third several times.
Also important technical parameters.
Everywhere, but especially in the big cities, great importance is the location of the object in a particular area. Moreover, the price of the apartment or house depends not only from environment but from the prestige and well-developed infrastructure of the district.Good transport links greatly increase the value of your home. If to speak about Moscow, the apartment is located a 15-minute walk from the metro, will be priced significantly higher similar apartments, of which the metro should reach by road. If you sell a vacation home, consider how much time and what transportation you reach the city centre.
Be sure to consider the state in which the property is located. Everything matters – from the age of an object to the materials from which the house was built. Of course, the apartment is in a modern monolith building will cost more than the panel Khrushchev in the same area. The state of internal communications, porch and, of course, the presence or absence of repair in the house or apartment are very important when assessing your home.

Advice 3 : How to estimate the cost of cottages

There are many vital cases where it is required to conduct a market assessment of the value of a suburban area. To resolve the issue is to invite an independent expert.
How to estimate the cost of cottages
You will need
  • for a suburban area.
Under the cottage is currently imply a country house with an adjacent plot. Because the country, as well as flat, conventional house in the city, is a property, quite often there is a need to assess the value of giving.
The most common cases in which the assessment is required are:

- resolve property disputes;
- purchase and sale;
- the definition of market value for establishing the sum insured;
- use of cottages as collateral for a loan;
- calculation of the size of the state duty when carrying out notary actions with the property.
For evaluation invite an independent expert, who must provide the following documents on the suburban area:

document on the ownership of buildings on the site;
help BTI, including the floor plan and explication;
- design and estimate documents on the unfinished cottage;
- certificate of land ownership, the cadastral plan.

Then conclude with him a contract for the assessment phase.
In most cases the assessment will be conducted from 5 to 8 days, during which time the appraiser needs to come and conduct the following activities:

- to explore the country and gather information about its physical characteristics;
- to analyze the environment of giving and General analysis of the market of countryside real estate;
- choose approach to the assessment of this site (cost, income, or comparative);
- to assess the country as the real estate object;
- to make a report (a document legally certified to provide notary public or other organizations).

The evaluation process consists of two separate processes: assessment of land and buildings in the area.
Factors that the expert in determining the appraised value of the suburban area:

- the location and infrastructure of the district, the state of the environment;
- transport accessibility;
- land area;
- characteristics of the structure (house, cottage): area, condition, etc.;
- the presence of security, driveways.
Because of the individual country houses, the comparative method in relation to suburban areas are less popular than when evaluating apartments.
Useful advice
Expert evaluation of the real value allows you to hold the required action with the property.

Advice 4 : How to put the house up for sale

The state of the real estate market is very unstable, so a house of equal value and condition can be sold in completely different terms. Of course, you can entrust the transaction to the Agency, but it is a very costly exercise, not giving any guarantees. So don't let things slide and take care of selling the house yourself, especially there are many resources.
How to put the house up for sale
Assemble the documents required for the sale of the house. Contact BTI for a registration certificate of the building. Matter how much you agree to pay for the registration document, the period of preparation varies from one month to one day. But if you need to obtain registration certificate within 2 weeks, be prepared for the fact that you have to get the employee of BTI into the house and deliver it back at your expense. And inconsistent layouts can significantly extend the paperwork.
Rate your home. It is necessary to analyze the real estate market. Make the main characteristics of their housing and compare it to similar options on the websites ads. So you can bring the average cost of a home. By the way, you can go to a specialized Agency, and an expert professional will evaluate.
Place an ad to sell the house. Select all Newspapers and magazines that have a section of the real estate market. Take a picture of the house - these ads will meet more responses, because potential buyers will have an approximate visual representation of your offer.
Use free classified ads website. Select your region and fill out the form, putting the main characteristics of the house and its price. Don't forget to leave your contacts: phone, ICQ number, Skype or e-mail address. Make sure to insert the photo.
Create a business card at home. Swipe the photo session and show all the most attractive side of their homes. If you use such way of advertising, you will have the opportunity to paint the quality of the materials from which made the house and list the connected communications. It should be noted that simply creating a website won't help at the initial stage. So place a link to it in ads on Internet sites.
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