You will need
  • for a suburban area.
Under the cottage is currently imply a country house with an adjacent plot. Because the country, as well as flat, conventional house in the city, is a property, quite often there is a need to assess the value of giving.
The most common cases in which the assessment is required are:

- resolve property disputes;
- purchase and sale;
- the definition of market value for establishing the sum insured;
- use of cottages as collateral for a loan;
- calculation of the size of the state duty when carrying out notary actions with the property.
For evaluation invite an independent expert, who must provide the following documents on the suburban area:

document on the ownership of buildings on the site;
help BTI, including the floor plan and explication;
- design and estimate documents on the unfinished cottage;
- certificate of land ownership, the cadastral plan.

Then conclude with him a contract for the assessment phase.
In most cases the assessment will be conducted from 5 to 8 days, during which time the appraiser needs to come and conduct the following activities:

- to explore the country and gather information about its physical characteristics;
- to analyze the environment of giving and General analysis of the market of countryside real estate;
- choose approach to the assessment of this site (cost, income, or comparative);
- to assess the country as the real estate object;
- to make a report (a document legally certified to provide notary public or other organizations).

The evaluation process consists of two separate processes: assessment of land and buildings in the area.
Factors that the expert in determining the appraised value of the suburban area:

- the location and infrastructure of the district, the state of the environment;
- transport accessibility;
- land area;
- characteristics of the structure (house, cottage): area, condition, etc.;
- the presence of security, driveways.