You will need
  • cloth;
  • - the tape;
  • adhesive interlining;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - a sewing machine.
The pattern for a sundressand it is better to do on paper. This will allow you to adjust the pattern before the cut out directly on the fabric.
For the construction of the pattern with a tape measure sizes: bust, the desired length of the product. Chest girth measure thus: attach a tape measure from under one arm across the back at the shoulder blades, under your other hand and the most protruding point of the breast to the beginning of the measuring tape. The tape should feel snug, but not to pull. Length sundressand measure from under the arms and on the side to the desired result.
For forming a pattern draw on a sheet of paper (paper, newspaper, etc) rectangle. The width of the rectangle is 1/4 of the desired width sundressand on the bottom edge, and the height is the length of this sundress.
Draw a pattern in accordance with the illustration, given the size of the bust (for the pattern take the 1/4 bust girth) and the length of the product.
Piping and straps sundressand cut out separately.
After a preliminary try-on pattern pieces and, if necessary, its adjustment, lay pattern on folded in half, given the common thread fabric. You should get 2 parts with an elbow. Piping and straps vykroyte separately bearing in mind the common thread. For armhole sundressand make 2 piping with an elbow, treatment of the neck in the same 2 parts of the piping with the bend. Straps sundressand vykroyte in the amount of four mirrored parts.
If conceived on a sundresse a pocket, first sew it on the front panel sundress. Cut from fabric details sundressand fold right sides together and sew along the side seams. If the edge of the fabric is prone to shedding, the side seams must be processed. Stitched seams iron. Next, fold to the wrong side of the cloth sleevelessand piping armhole facing. Sew on the machine top stitches. Remove the piping on the front of the sundress. Fold the bottom edge of the piping and sew it along the bottom edge of the panel sundress. Thus, all the seams should be inside, between the facing and panel. Similarly sew the piping of the neck.
Strap sundressand keep in shape, strengthen their adhesive interlining. Fold right sides prepared the details of the straps to each other and sew the edge on the machine. Then turn to right side and iron. Sew the finished straps to the appropriate places sundressor secure them with decorative buttons.
Bottom sundressand sew a seam itagiba or finish with a facing.