Crochet dress

Beautiful and original − not so difficult. A woman who knows how to hold the scissors and pave a smooth machine line, easy to sew from fine stretch material simple but elegant crochet dress. This requires a desire, a little time and a sewing machine. Pattern simple sundress, consists of two identical parts, front and back. Remove the measurements:

- circumference of chest;

- product length up to the waist;

- hip girth;

- length skirts.

Chest girth is measured: at the most convex points of the chest, axillary depressions, shoulder blades. Hip circumference is measured horizontally at the most protruding points of buttocks. That measurements were taken correctly, tie at the waist the measuring tape – it will serve as a starting point. .

For the construction of the pattern, take a graph paper, draw a vertical line equal to the length of the product, through it, draw 4 horizontal lines – the top line of the chest, passing over the breast glands, waist, hips, hem. Put, respectively, by 1/4 of the measurements of bust and hips, plus 8-10 cm to freedom fit. Waist is equal to the volume of the chest, hem width equal to the width of the hips. Connect the dots by line segments and cut the pattern.

Fold the fabric in four layers at equity, apply the pattern, circle, step to 1.5 cm (seam), lay in parallel lines and will have plenty of. Out of the remaining fabric cut out for kulisek two strips with a width of 3-4 cm and a length equal to the circumference of the waist and chest. Sew the dress on the side seams, treat cuts on the serger. Sew drawstring inside the waist and top of bodice, insert elastic braid. Pull up the bottom of the dress. Outfit ready, it can be worn like that, is it possible to sew straps.

To do this, measure the distance from the top of the dress to the shoulder, and then multiply by two. Take a break for this size, two strips of fabric of arbitrary width. Fold them in half, face side inside, sew, then turn and sew to the dress. Possible options – one strap, as on the apron or crossed back straps.

Dress in country style

The original model dresses in a rustic style, made by hand of four rectangles, suitable for any figure. Straight fit, the waist a wide belt, neckline, and gathered elastic cinches. Lightweight and comfortable dress – perfect for summer.

Take the cloth summer cotton stretch, linen, silk, chiffon with bright interesting patterns. Dress of stiff fabric with large increases of freedom of fit, picked up the waist, will be as crisp and accentuate the fragility of the figure. Made of thin fabric are draped.

Make pattern, to do this, clear measurements: hip girth, length, width and sleeve length. Draw on the paper two rectangles with a length equal to the length and width corresponding to ½ of the circumference of the hips, plus 12-15 cm to freedom fit. For openings will watertite at the top of two rectangles with a length of 25 and width 7 cm, zakruglenie corners. The pattern cut. Attach the pattern to fabric and cutting. Sew the base of the dress along the side seams on the machine and overlarge.

For the sleeves make some of the pieces of fabric two rectangles with width and length equal to your measurements, the line of openings do as based. Fold them in half, the "face" inside, prostrochite on a typewriter, treat the seams on the serger. Sew the sleeves to the dress, the cuts sewn on the serger.

The neck of the bend 5 cm and lay in two parallel lines. In the resulting thread kulisku gum slightly priborov neck. Fold the hem and bottom of sleeves and hem.