You will need
  • - material for sewing
  • - the tape
  • - scissors
  • - needles
  • - threads
  • - sewing machine
Decide what length will be the sundress of the chosen style. Note that the short sundresss-mini for office would be irrelevant. The perfect sundress for office the length of which reaches to the knees or slightly below. The color of the fabric the desirable quiet tones, no screaming and shimmering shades. Shiny with lots of sequins materials are also better left to sewing holiday outfits. Lightweight fabrics of chiffon and silk are not suitable for a strict office style. Look good mix of white, black and gray. Soothing warm or kept cold tone also very beneficial for sundresss business style. Avoid complex patterns and frilly decorative prints, they will distract from work not only you but also the team that is clearly not like the boss.
Remove the necessary measurements: length, bust and hips. If you are not a skilled seamstress, a skilled worker, follow the advice in magazines sewing, all of which are pattern models specified in the announcement. In addition, depending on whether this sundress with shoulder straps, or with a round neckline, it may be necessary to make additional measurements.
Ready transfer paper patterns on fabric, do it with the account you made earlier standards. Do not forget to leave allowances for the seams. Use the wax crayon for drawing patterns on the fabric, subsequently, it will be easy to erase, without leaving material on the nasty spots.
Carefully cut parts cut with scissors and sweeps the sketches ready. Take your time, otherwise, unnecessarily cut detail can ruin your work and you will need to start all over again. Perform the fitting. If the work done suits you, proceed to the final stage.
Prostrochite on the sewing machine all the seams, treating also the allowances. Gently iron the sundress from the inside, paying more attention to the seams. Your sundress to office ready.