How to sew a simple summer dress for a child

Before you start sewing, you should take measurements with the child. Be sure to measure bust, the expected length of the product, distance of shelves from the armpit to the shoulder. After the measurements, prepare white or light-colored fabric, orange and white thread, thin elastic thread, colored felt, and a lighter and tweezers for making jewelry.

To start you will need to cut sundress. Cut the fabric into a rectangular piece, one side should equal the chest measurement of the child plus half of this value. The second side must be equal to the length of the product (you can add few inches to the processing of edges). Cutting the straps with a width of 10 cm, Length of straps will be individual depending on the drop-down list. Then carefully cut out all the details.

The top edge of the sundress treat on the sewing machine. But it is to tuck a couple of inches and a little prioraty. For this you can use elastic thread. Now is the time to try on the resulting fabric. After fitting, remove all the excess tissue. Side seam sundress prostrochite and finish with a zigzag. In the same way you need to stitch the straps and sew them to the intended places.

Of course a simple white sundress will require additional decorations. Take a thin felt and cut out a circles of different sizes. Carefully remove the parts with tweezers and treat the edges with a lighter. Make these circles pretty flowers and sew them to the center of a dress with a few stitches with red beads.

Bilateral sundress for two girls

In order to create a more complex version of a children's sundress, you must prepare two pieces of fabric purple and green threads, 4 pairs of eyelets, scissors, needle and pins. And of course, you will not be able to do without a sewing machine.

The pattern can be done using children's shirts. Only expand sundress from the underarm to the desired length. The product will be tied on a ribbon, so its front part should be wider than the rear. Carefully cut out the paper pattern and draw its outlines on the fabric. Then sew the side seams of the front and back parts of the dress. As a result, you should get a two piece purple and green. They need to stitch together, right sides inside. Do not forget that shoulder seams should remain open.

Then remove the shirt and sew the shoulder part from the back part. The place of performance of the seam you will create a hole that you will need to manually sew a hidden seam. In places the future of the fastening tape install grommets. Now you only have to thread the ribbons in the formed holes and tie sundress.