Advice 1: How to sew a summer dress

The beautiful half of humanity with joy waiting for the arrival of heat. Summer spoils the good weather and allows you to show sometimes the most revealing outfits. No heavy things, heavy fabrics, sleeveless and warm trousers. The main position is occupied dresses: light cocktail, long dresses with plunging necklines, sparkly mini club model. Only none of these options are not suitable for office work. Simple, but original summer dress, you can sew with my own hands, spending a few hours.
How to sew a summer dress
You will need
  • - Knitted grey fabric;
  • - cut chiffon;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread, scissors, needles, pins;
  • - the tape, crayons, rulers;
  • - braid, large and small round sequins, mono-thread.
Remove measurements. You need to measure breast and hip measurement. Lay the fabric on a flat surface, folded in half lengthwise face inward. As the material of the pins around so that when cutting it was not moved, because the knit is stretched all the time.
Focusing on your measurements, you need to perform on the fabric layout. With a ruler and chalk, draw on the canvas of cut equal to half of the volume of the breast. Add seam 0.5 – 1 see, for Example, the bust is 90cm, so the dress will be cut to 45 cm plus allowances. With the length of the dress you decide later, so use until the entire piece of fabric (length of meter). Cut the bottom edge, respectively, will be equal to half of the volume of the thighs. For example, if the value is equal to 100 cm, then your cut will be 50 cm, plus allowances. Connect the ends of the upper and lower segments. On the fabric, you should get a trapezoid shape.
Carefully cutting the fabric. You have a Foundation that needs to be put on the figure. It should gently lie down to the body, to do this, run basting the side seams. Try the Foundation for themselves, safety pins evenly salivate excess fabric on the sides. The narrowing happens from the top edge of the model to the waist, then the hips and to the hem. If you want the landing was free from the hip, leave the lip intact from the waist.
Sostrochite side seams and handle. The top of the dress abouelatta and hem, an alternative is to perform the stitching with a double hem. Put on a dress, stand on heels near the mirror and mark the desired length of the finished product. Focusing on the label, move the chalk a straight line, and then cut off the excess, leaving a 1 cm edge treatment. The bottom can be processed and stitch 2-3 mm from the edge or do the same stitching that has been processed the top of this model.
Tailor straps from knitted fabric: length 35-40 cm, and a width of about 7-8 cm If you don't like wide straps, they can sause. Prostrochite strips, remove the face and run the stitching at 1 mm from the edges. Pin to pin straps to the dress and complete the fitting. If everything sits as it should, feel free to attach the details on a sewing machine.
The highlight of this dress is the presence of the upper skirt, which is sewn on the basis of the product. Mark with a pin spot located right under the breast. Focusing on the label, move the chalk line under the Breasts across the base of the dress. Now measuring tape measure the length from the tag to the bottom of the product. This is the length of the top skirt.
Chiffon tailor the upper skirt. You are aware of the length and the width must be greater than your hips at 30 – 40cm. The upper edge preberite using thread-spandex. Sostrochite and treat the side seam. The bottom edge is sew a zigzag seam, bending the edge on 0.5 cm and the smallest setting stitch width. Excess tissue is carefully cut away with scissors from the inside.
Baste manually chiffon skirt to the base so that the side seam of the top has coincided with one of the side seams on the base. Primitivity, not tightening the thread, because the base of the dress is knit. Try the product once, then you can pristroit and fasten the top skirt on the machine. Raw edge chiffon tucks twice when performing line.
Now decorate her dress. Use plain sequins of different sizes. Sew their mono-filament to be seen-smart. The number of sequins it depends on you, you can pin quite a bit at the front of the dress, and it is possible to embroider and the whole thing.
This outfit does not involve the use of at the same time bright flashy accessories.
Useful advice
Use solid colored fabrics in cool shades. Decoration can serve as another, and beads, rhinestones, shells.

Advice 2: How to sew a summer dress without a pattern

Summer is the perfect time for new clothes, sewn by their hands. The more that make it very easy, even for novice knitters, because some models do not require patterns and are sewn in an hour.
For summer dresses you should choose light fabrics
You will need
  • - flowy fabric (cotton, cotton, fine knit) – 1.5 m;
  • - tonal threads;
  • - sewing scissors;
  • - a sewing machine.
To sew the summer dress casual style, the first thing you need to determine the length of products: floor, mid-length or mini. The most advantageous for the proposed cut is Maxi length (1.5 m). To outfit for the summer the best option is fabric bright colors with floral prints. First, it will perfectly complement your summer rainbow mood, and secondly, inaccuracies, fit and cut will not be noticeable. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the fabric for sewing must be well ironed so that the product turned out correctly astrocity.
Next you need to cut the fabric. For this purpose, the cutting material should be folded in half face inside and draw a chalk or soap, a quarter circle with a radius of 1.5 m. then you have to cut the fabric according to the markings, as well as on the fold line to get two equal parts. Also, don't forget to cut the top edge of the parts to form the neck.
The items received need to astrocyte on the sides, leaving the top 27 cm for the armholes. Next, you should resuturing seams, after which tuck each edge and re-stitch the straight stitch. Tuck and need to stitch and the hem of the dress, the material does not sprinkle.
In order to fasten the dress at the shoulders, you need to sew the drawstring. This item is a strip of cloth 5 cm wide and slightly longer neck. Such kulisek should be two. One need to sew the front and the other behind, "face to face", podrachivaya the edge of the fabric. Thus it is necessary to build first the top, then tuck and stitch the side edges, and then sew the hem drawstring, not sewing up the sides.
Future plot will serve a strip of cloth with a width of 4 cm and a length of 80 cm, the Material should be folded in half lengthwise and sew, then remove the handle ends, ironed and put in a drawstring. Fasten the braid on the shoulder can be in the form of a bow.
Ready summer dress can be worn both at the resort and in town. The day this outfit will look good with wedges with imitation wood and large wooden earrings. On the sea shore set will perfectly complement a straw hat with a wide brim. If dress to pull on the waist wide waistband to wear high heeled shoes – ready original and striking outfit for an evening out.
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