Choose an easy, light fabric, ornamentation or pattern. It is desirable to use natural materials. Synthetic in the summer things are not welcome, because it prevents the body to breathe and feel comfortable.
Get his measurements for his figure. Make a pattern, transfer it to paper and cut out.
Pin the paper to the fabric with tailor's pins. It will not allow the pattern to slide to the material at the time when you will redraw it.
If the pattern is fixed well, you can't even redraw, just cut the fabric on the paper path. Then treat all the edges of the fabric on the sewing machine.
Try to avoid rough joints, but at the same time don't place the raw slices, which can razlomalis during wear.
Baste and stitch all the details, pull up the bottom of the product.
If the pattern is missing, and time to find her no and also no confidence in the self-preparation of the correct pattern, sew a simple summer dress. Of fabric cut 2 rectangular canvas. The length of the paintings are worth considering, and the width may be arbitrary. The elastic material can be recovered in smaller number to the stressed and tight fit figure. Air material can take a little more allowing him to slip down light folds.
Both canvas and sew the sides. Don't forget to pull up the hem of the dress. Fold the fabric at the top 3-4 cm Insert the elastic and stitch. Lovely summer sundress ready. On request it can be decorated with embroidery, brooch, beaded, or easy wrap. Beautiful new dress will significantly refresh your look and will surely make passers-by look at you on the street.