You will need
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - the tape;
  • - ruffles, ribbon trim.
Select the material for the outfit; this is a very important stage. The traditional color for a sundressand red. In any case, pay attention to the quality and brightness of fabrics; Russian sundress should be very bright, preferably plain or with a subtle ornamental print. If you already have a shirt for a sundressand pick up cloth under it (for example, shirts with blue trim, you can choose blue or light blue color).
Make pattern sundress. To do this, measure the growth girls from armpit to floor - this is the length of the pinafore (adult outfit is usually sewn in floor, but for a child lift up the hem a few inches). Using a measuring tape find the circumference of the chest, increase it to 2 or 2.5 times, this will be the width of the skirt of the sundress. If you have the opportunity and desire, I raskleit sundress down; to do it two or four parts, extending to the hem.
Cutting the rest of the parts. Draw a strip with a length matching the circumference of the chest (plus 6cm each side) and a width of 10-12 cm - it will be Flirty. Take the strap width of about 8-10 cm and a length of not less than 40 cm (the excess then cut off the fitting).
Sew the side seams, if you decide to sew the sundress in the Russian style of several parts, and frayed edges (no serger, sew seam "zigzag"). One seam position the back and sew it to the end, leaving a small release for the clasp. Fold the edges of the zipper and sew 1 cm from the edge in the form of an inverted P.
On top of the skirt to make stitching large stitches and pull it so that its length was about 4 cm less than the length of the yoke, to distribute the gathers evenly. Sew the yoke by aligning the center of the resulting joint should be near the clasp. Sew overcasting along the edge of the yoke with the upper cut of the skirt.
Fold the strip in the shoulder twice to sew the ends from the inside. Then turn them, fold the free side of the yoke, and manually baste, and then sew on the machine (if you are not sure that they will be able to sew straight, sew the wrong side of the yoke concealed stitches).
Sewn and line the hem of the sundress. Sew a button on the yoke and make a loop on the other side.
Stitch the straps to the underside of the length and remove. Sew to the front of the sundressand that the inside edge was hidden. Wear a sundress for a girl and try on the length of the straps, the extra cut. Sew the straps in the back so they do not fall off the shoulders, it is better to sew them closer to the center (to the clasp).
Chisel sundress hem at the top, straps, decorative ruffles, embroidery, fringe, ribbons in the Russian style.