You will need
  • - sewing machine
  • pattern
  • - fabric
  • - scissors
  • - a tailor's centimeter
  • - gum
  • - pins
For sewing summer dresses you will need a light bright fabric with a pattern or without. Try to use natural materials such as cotton, flax, pure or with a small admixture of synthetics. The amount of fabric count, based on existing patterns. If the pattern you have, you can find it in needlework magazine or download from the Internet.
Transfer the pattern to paper, cut it, lay on the fabric, trying to make the most economical use of available material.
So the pattern does not slip on the fabric in a time when you will draw again, pin the paper to the material with tailor's pins.
If the pattern well fixed, you can just cut the fabric on the paper path. Cut part of the gain on a simple thread then all the seams can be processed on the machine.
For the summer dress it's better to avoid rough joints, but cannot be left untreated slices that will razlohmachivayutsya during wear.
If you have no patterns, nor the time to search for her, sew a simple summer dress. Cut the fabric two paintings of the required length. The width of the cloths can also be arbitrary. Elastic material can take less to the comfortable figure, and air is better to give the opportunity to fall light folds.
Stitch the fabric on the sides, pull up the bottom of the dress. Fold the fabric at the top 3-4 cm, sew it in two lines, leaving between them a place for the stretching of the elastic. Insert the elastic, the base of the dress ready.