You will need
  • - fabric:
  • pattern:
  • - scissors;
  • - a sewing machine.
Sundress is one of the most popular pregnant clothes. Under it you can wear a knit turtleneck and wear it in the cold season. This thing cut it out from a warm soft fabric. If you sew a dress for pregnant from lightweight cotton or knit fabric, that new dress will help the girl comfortably tolerate hot weather.
How to sew a dress for pregnant
Once you have decided on the type of fabric, you need to calculate how many meters to buy. Take a centimeter and measure the distance from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder to the desired length of the future product. Usually the bottom of the knee. Multiply the resulting value by 2 and add the result 12 see Much need to buy fabric.
After that, proceed to its reveal. Sundress for pregnant woman consists of a yoke front, yoke back and two parts of the back and shelves. Take the tracing paper, attach it to the pattern and redraw all the details on this transparent paper.
Fold the fabric in half. All parts are symmetrical, so the pattern are given only their halves. So, the Central part of the paper patterns is a fold line. Attach it to the fold of the leaf tissue. In the same way, place all 4 parts, aligning the Central vertical line of the base paper with the fold on the fabric.
When you will lay out the details, then leave the distance between them. For bending the bottom leave a 3 cm (and on the back, and on the shelf). For the side seams add 1-1,5 cm is Possible to have all 4 parts in this order: first the yoke of the front, under it – the yoke of the back, below the shelf, under her back. Outline the details on fabric on paper, but cut in their allowances.
Sundresses for pregnant women shelf is much wider than the back, below the tummy was spacious and you could carry this thing and when it has increased. Gather the top of the shelves on the thread with the needles so that part was equal to the length of the bottom of the yoke front. Fold these two pieces together and sew them on the machine. A holistic part of the front side.
Detail of the back structure too, but quite a bit and exactly the same prostrochite it together with the shelf back. The result is 2 parts – the front and back. Fold the front parts and pristrochite on both sides on the inside.
Treat the armhole, the neckline with bias binding cut from the remnants of primary or other tissue. You can buy this bake, cut diagonally, in a haberdashery shop.
In the hands of a hidden seam hem the bottom of the product. Iron, amperite seams and try on a new outfit that you will be more charming.