You will need
  • - flowy fabric (cotton, cotton, fine knit) – 1.5 m;
  • - tonal threads;
  • - sewing scissors;
  • - a sewing machine.
To sew the summer dress casual style, the first thing you need to determine the length of products: floor, mid-length or mini. The most advantageous for the proposed cut is Maxi length (1.5 m). To outfit for the summer the best option is fabric bright colors with floral prints. First, it will perfectly complement your summer rainbow mood, and secondly, inaccuracies, fit and cut will not be noticeable. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the fabric for sewing must be well ironed so that the product turned out correctly astrocity.
Next you need to cut the fabric. For this purpose, the cutting material should be folded in half face inside and draw a chalk or soap, a quarter circle with a radius of 1.5 m. then you have to cut the fabric according to the markings, as well as on the fold line to get two equal parts. Also, don't forget to cut the top edge of the parts to form the neck.
The items received need to astrocyte on the sides, leaving the top 27 cm for the armholes. Next, you should resuturing seams, after which tuck each edge and re-stitch the straight stitch. Tuck and need to stitch and the hem of the dress, the material does not sprinkle.
In order to fasten the dress at the shoulders, you need to sew the drawstring. This item is a strip of cloth 5 cm wide and slightly longer neck. Such kulisek should be two. One need to sew the front and the other behind, "face to face", podrachivaya the edge of the fabric. Thus it is necessary to build first the top, then tuck and stitch the side edges, and then sew the hem drawstring, not sewing up the sides.
Future plot will serve a strip of cloth with a width of 4 cm and a length of 80 cm, the Material should be folded in half lengthwise and sew, then remove the handle ends, ironed and put in a drawstring. Fasten the braid on the shoulder can be in the form of a bow.
Ready summer dress can be worn both at the resort and in town. The day this outfit will look good with wedges with imitation wood and large wooden earrings. On the sea shore set will perfectly complement a straw hat with a wide brim. If dress to pull on the waist wide waistband to wear high heeled shoes – ready original and striking outfit for an evening out.