You will need
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - the tape;
  • - chalky.
If you have 2-3 hours of free time, that would be enough to sew a sundress for girls. Take an inch, get a little fashionista and measure the distance from armpit to top of knee. If you want to make the product a little shorter, then measure the distance to desired length.
Record the value. You can give it a name "A". Measure the hips of the child. Multiply that number by 1.5. Let it be "B".
Place the fabric wrong side facing you. Share thread needs to go down. Using chalk and ruler, draw a rectangle. Its length is "A" and width "B". Cut out the rectangle on the lines and stepping back from her sides 1, top 4 and bottom 3 cm.
Sew the side seams. That's created a children's sundress with one back seam. Go to the top of the product. Fold the inside piece of fabric is 4 cm fold 1 cm and prostrochite. In the result you get at the top of the ACC, is equal to three centimeters.
Make another line, departing from the edge of 1.5, and from the previous line 1 call the instructor over see the child. Grab a rubber band. Grasp it the girl at the level of the armpits. Cut the elastic the desired length. With the help of pins pass her seamed on two sides the space is equal to one centimeter. Above the gum you have formed Ruche 1.5 cm wide
Fold the hem, hem it on hand so that the thread was not visible on the front side. Try on new clothes on the child. Left to do ties. Sew them to the main fabric or take the braid. You can sew 2 ties in front and behind or a tie to sew to the back and the shelf, with the second to do the same.
The second model is more complicated, but not much. Take the yoke of the front, backless. Sew these 2 parts together at the sides and shoulders. Take the rectangular cloth to the desired length. Its width should be 1.5-2 times the volume of the thighs of the child. Stitch between the two short sides.
Lay several folds or structure the top of the sheet on the thread and sew it to the belt. Pay attention to the evenness of the folds. Hem the bottom of the product. Take the bias tape, turn over it at the arm openings and the neck.
If you want, you can make a short sundress, and then sew the flounce to it. This item will adorn the armhole. Optionally, construct a belt from a fabric that harmonizes with the primary and give new clothes to your fashionista.