Strappy sundress

Without a pattern to sew easy. Summer dress with shoulder straps it is possible to "bungle" in one hour. This will require a piece of elastic fabric, it can be cotton-stretch, − with a width of 1.5 m take the length of the finished product plus 20 cm ACC the top and bottom. Measure your hips, put ½ of the obtained measurements on the fabric folded double, cut two rectangles.

Sew side seams, stepping back from the top 15-20 cm. Handle openings, to do this, tuck the edge at 0.5 cm and attrocity. Fold upper edge of 2-3 cm and prostrochite drawstring on the front and the back. Pass it cord, it can be made from the remnants of matter or use a satin ribbon tie shoulder straps. Hem the bottom hem. Can try on a new dress.

Tunic without a pattern

It is just sewn to the tunic. It is possible to take tissue two lengths if it is narrow, with a width of 0.7 m, and then get a tunic without shoulder seams. When the width of cut of 1.5 m will be enough the same length, this made the side and shoulder seams.

Put on the material, folded in half, ½ of the width of the hips, add 3-5 cm to freedom fit. Measure down the desired length, cut two rectangles – back and shelf. The back fold in half and make neck: measure from the top edge down 2 cm and 6-7 cm laterally, the points connect smoothly. On the shelf cutout a little Zaglebie. Sew side and shoulder seams, finish them on the serger or a small zigzag. Neck oblacite. Pull up the bottom of the tunic.

Open dress

Interesting model – an open strapless dress. It will require crinkled viscose gauze or satin and a linen elastic band or elastic thread. Take two piece of fabric, width and length are arbitrary, the wider the cut, the better you get the drape.

On the bodice front and back lay lines of elastic thread at a distance of 1.5−2 cm from each other. If not there, use lingerie elastic, sew it from the wrong side to the bodice seam zigzag. Sew the side seams, overnote them. Top and bottom tuck and hem. New dress ready in that dress and feast and in the world."

For the beach you can make a dress from scarves. Take two large silk scarf, cut off from every single area, put them on a cut and sew shoulder seams, leaving neck to neck. Mark on the handkerchief ½ of the width of the hips and prostrochite on the sides, leaving the armhole.