Make a pattern

Comfortable house dress is easy to sew, not even the name of the coffee pattern. You can make yourself. You need to make the necessary measurements of your body shape.

Their little hips, head and the desired length of the product. Hips, divide in half and add to the resulting number to:

- 42-48 size – 10 cm;
- 50-56 – 15 cm;
from 56 and above – 20 cm.

The final figure is the width of the apron.
If there is no purpose to do side smell, you can not add extra centimetres to the side of the pattern. Then, under the apron will need pogoditi t-shirt, pants or skirt.

Now put the measuring tape on the point of shoulder (point a), where it connects to the neck and lower it to the desired length. You might want to see this home sundress was Flirty – short or reaches to the knee. Longer usually do not.

Now you need to die the length of the back of the appliance, as this will be similar to the apron dress, the back of him is also necessary. The beginning of the tape measure is placed on the same neck point and the end falls to the same length as the measurement at the front of the product.

Next on the tracing paper draw a rectangle. Its width is already known (the calculation is above). The length of a rectangle – folded the numbers of the length of the front and rear parts of the body.

Indicate on the pattern the two points A (on either side of the neck). Through them will be a circle. This is a hole for the head. Through it wears the product.

The diameter of a circle that will cut for the head, calculate according to the school formula. The volume of the head divide it into the number "PI" (3.14), and get the desired figure.

To summer outfit dressed easy, add to the resulting figure 3-5 cm (depending on size). Back cut-out is smaller so the circumference should be shifted more to the front.


The paper base is ready. Now you can find the original apron on the fabric. Put the pattern on the fabric and pin to it with pins. Trace its pattern with the reverse side in pencil or chalk.

Cut the fabric with scissors for cut lines, leaving 1-1. 5 cm seam, and the neck is 0.8 cm Apply again the pattern of the lower part of the front of the fabric and mark the pocket. It also cut. Now fold the wrong part of the pocket facing the lower part of the front. Sew these 2 parts.

If you want to walk around dressed like this in the summer at the cottage, arranging access to the garden, you can not make the dress the shoulders, and sew on these places each side 2 straps in the shape of a cross. Get a sundress for the summer.

The edges of the product is processed with bias binding. It is thus possible to make only the neck, and the rest did to sew from the wrong side. Sew 4 ties at the waist line – 2 front and 2 at back of dress. Dress apron with his hands ready.