You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - gingham fabric trim;
  • beads, sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - zipper or buttons.
Take old jeans and cut off the top so to cut the entire zipper and the upper seam connecting the legs. The front part of the legs cut through the middle so you have got two big canvases.
Connect the fabric along the long sides and sew together. This will ensure that the decorative seams of the jeans were found. To sundress fit better, make the seam is not straight and slim.
Attach future the sundress to the figure, mark the top line and carefully cut out. Remember that sundress does not have to close the chest, it can be designed like an apron. Fold all the loose edges and sew. To sundress romantic look, sew edging of printed cotton bright, beautiful brooch, made from remnants of fabric and chintz.
If you have a slim figure, make a tuck at the sides on the waist line. Factory seams also make fitted.
Sew the zipper in the back or neatly finish the edges and sew buttons. Treat the bottom of the dress. Add ruffles pleated from the same chintz, they will transform the sundress and will lend a romantic feel to the image.
Cut one or two residues from the pocket of jeans decorated with pockets facing of cotton, add the original flower, embroider curved stem and leaves on the sewing machine (with contrasting thread). Sew the pockets to the dress. If you want, "transplant" even Welt front pockets along with the surrounding tissue.
Make calico flowers adorn their dress. Sew a contrasting thread and decorative stitch – the stems and leaves.
From the same cotton to make the straps. Cut a wide strip of material, sew a long tube and turn on the front side. For decoration thread a few beads on each side. The back straps connect to a metal ring with vertical denim strap that you can thread the elastic.
Fight back with jeans and sew on the dress belt loops at waist level or below.
You got a great dress from jeans that you can dress like a walk and to work.