You will need
  • Natural fabric, sewing supplies.
First of all, let define what style should be the intended product. According to the model chosen sundressand determine the number necessary for its manufacture of the fabric. Choose and buy a necessary material, preferably of natural origin.
Next step, draw a pattern, which you can download from the Internet or cut out of a fashion magazine and correct if necessary. But they can experiment to come up with it yourself and build by their standards. The most famous scheme is the pattern of summer sundressand looks similar to the following: 1. Two strips of medium width for stitching the upper part of the product.2. Two of the semicircle for the skirt, which will consist of one seam. 3. A thin strip as a belt for the waist.
Upon completion of the process of creating a pattern, apply it on the material and pin to pin. Cut parts and gently sweeps them manually. After fitting, make the necessary correction of the product.
Carefully sew all the seams on the sewing machine. If the fabric of the sundressand thin. watch out for the correct thickness of thread for sewing and its tension, otherwise the product will be sporitsya and look sloppy. Treat the seams with a serger or zigzag stitch so the thread does not crumble.
Ready sundress carefully athlete. If desired, it can be decorated with braid, applique, embroidery, the main thing is not to overdo it.