Start with the fact that the fabric is spread out on the floor, and find this piece of the middle, which draw the line a specially prepared chalk. This line will lie approximately at the level of your shoulders.
Then, right in the center of this piece of fabric, you need to make a hole for your head, pre-drawing a horizontal line perpendicular to the center line. After that, start to cut the neckline with scissors, removing and hemming the thread on the edges.
Next you need to "push through" the hole in your head and determine to what level you will deepen your cut in the neckline area. This cut can be stopped even under the chest, bandaging it with a special tape, but can be lowered slightly below the elbow on the floor, and have to use for the second tape and wrap it around your waist.
After these exercises with the tissue, it will be free to flow on your feet, and will start off easy to save straight from your ribbon under the chest. After all marks for binder are ready, you can attach the shoulder line of the fabric with pins, which are then lifted and stitched thread.
After that, the dress is almost ready, just have to tie it with a ribbon under the Breasts, and over your new dress at the waist, tie another ribbon. This type of dress is very similar to its Greek image, and it looks very attractive and original.