Advice 1: How to cook furatsilin

For the treatment and prevention of suppurative diseases often used furatsilin. In addition, it can be used to combat inflammation. The drug is used as topically in the form of a solution, and inside. But if you buy a tablet in almost every pharmacy, the solution is to find not so easy, so it is important to be able to do it yourself.
How to cook furatsilin
The advantage of furatsilinand is a mild effect on inflamed tissue, whereby wound healing is fast and painless. The only downside to these tablets is their poor solubility, resulting in a solution it is necessary to prepare in advance for future use.
Prepare one tablet of furacillin and 100 ml of distilled water. In principle, suitable and conventional, but it will have to pre-boil and cool to 40 degrees. Put the tablet in a glass of water and every hour stir the liquid. This will speed up the dissolving of the tablet, but the complete solution still have to wait at least 12 hours.
Crush tablet to a fine powder, if you can not wait for the preparation of the solution. Pour the powder into the water, whose temperature is at least 40 degrees. Stir the liquid and make sure furatsilin completely dissolved. This method of preparation of the solution takes much less time, but to get rid of small crystals and pills on the bottom of the glass for a short period of time still fail, so the solution will turn less concentrated. In principle, this situation is output. You need to take 100 ml of water, and 80. Do not forget to strain the finished solution, contact with undissolved powder on the mucous membranes is undesirable.
Use the prepared solution to rinse the throat and mouth, for the treatment of wounds and wet bandages. Also furatsilinom, you can wash the eyes and apply it in the complex treatment of suppurative otitis media.
Prepare the alcohol solution of furatsilinand if you need to cure boils. Crush three tablets and dissolve them in 100 grams of alcohol. The resulting tool must be infused two to three hours, after which it is ready to eat.
1) you need to prepare one tablet of furacillin and distilled water in a volume of 100 ml. Solution furatsilina better to do one or two a day and use it fresh and warm. If this is not possible, then immediately prepare a large amount and store it in the refrigerator in closed containers.
Useful advice
Tablet furatsilina crushed with a knife or two tablespoons (tablet furatsilina is placed between the spoons). Furatsilin is also possible to grind right into paper packaging. This package furatsilina placed on a hard surface (e.g. cutting Board) and knock on the tablets with a hammer.

Advice 2 : How to dissolve a tablet of furacilin

Furatsilin used for the prevention and treatment of inflammation and purulent diseases. For washing wounds, mucous membranes and gargle the drug is used topically. But ready-to-use cure can be found not in every pharmacy, so it is important to be able to prepare a solution from tablets.
How to dissolve a tablet of furacilin
You will need
  • tablets furatsilina;
  • water;
  • - alcohol.
Furatsilin is a time - tested tool that actively fights germs and bacteria. When the local application of a solution of well heals wounds. Its advantage is that it does not irritate the inflamed tissue, and therefore the healing process is painless.
For the treatment of various diseases requires a different solution. Furatsilin can be dissolved in water, physiological solution and ethyl 70% alcohol. An aqueous solution furatsilinaand the solution prepared with saline, can be used for rinsing the mouth and throat, eye wash, wetting the bandages. Alcohol solution is used for abrasions, as well as for the treatment of purulent otitis occurring in the chronic form.
For the preparation of an aqueous solution take 100 ml of boiled or distilled water and one tablet furatsilina. The water must be preheated to a temperature of 40 degrees. Furatsilina dissolve in water very slowly, so the solution will have to wait at least 12 hours. Periodically stir the water, this will accelerate the dissolving of tablets.
If the solution furatsilina required urgently, grind tablet to a powder and pour it in warm water. Carefully stir the liquid to dissolve the last crystal. But in order to avoid troubles, before use will strain the solution through cheesecloth.
Technology furatsilina dissolve in physiological solution is no different from making similar drugs on the water. The proportions and actions are absolutely identical to the one described above.
For the preparation of the alcoholic solution furatsilina add powder furatsilina (three crushed tablets) in 100 g of alcohol. Let the remedy to stand for several hours, then use it for other purposes.
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