If you breed furatsilin for eye care (such as conjunctivitis), to obtain a solution of the desired concentration necessary to dissolve 0.1 g (half tablet) medications in a liter of water. If the solution intended for gargling in angina – take 0.2 grams of furatsilina 100 milliliters of liquid (half a Cup).
Furatsilin with great difficulty soluble in water. Therefore the tablet before dissolution better grind: grind into a powder (this can be done using the pestle or a spoon), or at least split into several parts. An efficient way of grinding furatsilina – do not remove the tablet from the blister gently tap it with a hammer, then open the packaging and pour the resulting powder in a glass.
Furatsilina dissolve better in hot water or even boiling water. Otherwise, it will "disperse" in the water very long. Intensively mix the solution furatsilina as long as tiny pieces of the pill is not completely melted. Then cool the solution – it needs to be slightly warm.