Advice 1: How to dissolve furatsilin

Furatsilin has a very strong antibacterial effect and its solution is often recommended to rinse the throat with angina. While furatsilin available in tablets (typically, 0.2 grams), which is designed to prepare an aqueous solution of the drug immediately before use.
How to dissolve furatsilin
If you breed furatsilin for eye care (such as conjunctivitis), to obtain a solution of the desired concentration necessary to dissolve 0.1 g (half tablet) medications in a liter of water. If the solution intended for gargling in angina – take 0.2 grams of furatsilina 100 milliliters of liquid (half a Cup).
Furatsilin with great difficulty soluble in water. Therefore the tablet before dissolution better grind: grind into a powder (this can be done using the pestle or a spoon), or at least split into several parts. An efficient way of grinding furatsilina – do not remove the tablet from the blister gently tap it with a hammer, then open the packaging and pour the resulting powder in a glass.
Furatsilina dissolve better in hot water or even boiling water. Otherwise, it will "disperse" in the water very long. Intensively mix the solution furatsilina as long as tiny pieces of the pill is not completely melted. Then cool the solution – it needs to be slightly warm.
To treat frostbite, burns, minor skin injuries, ear infections and many other diseases aqueous solution furatsilina not normally used. In such cases, the course is furatsilinovoy ointment, a gel, a special spray for external use or: furacilin alcohol solution. Home-made aqueous solution is used only for the treatment of throat and eye care.

Advice 2: How to breed furatsilin for rinsing

Furatsilin tablets is a universal remedy for the treatment of diseases of the nose and throat. With equal success it can be used for rinsing of the nose and gargling. Due to its antiseptic properties, furatsilin has a positive effect after three to five applications. The key point is to maximize the dissolution of the dry mass of furatsilina in the boiled water.
How to breed furatsilin for rinsing
You will need
  • - Two tablespoons
  • - A pack of furatsilina
  • - Metal mug
Boil the kettle. A prerequisite is that the water was boiled, and containing a minimum of impurities, such as chlorine, added for disinfection, and microorganisms that are commonly found in groundwater.
Take two tablespoons and put in between the tablet furatsilina. With the power of these squeeze spoons with the objective of making the tablets in the powdery mass. Repeat this procedure to obtain neobhodimogo amounts of powder.
Pour the resulting powder in a metal Cup, pre-Gulf it with boiling water and put on the stove for heating. Gently stir the solution until complete dissolution of furatsilina. Cool the resulting liquid, gently removing the plate, and your solution is ready for use.

Advice 3: How to dissolve a tablet of furacilin

Furatsilin used for the prevention and treatment of inflammation and purulent diseases. For washing wounds, mucous membranes and gargle the drug is used topically. But ready-to-use cure can be found not in every pharmacy, so it is important to be able to prepare a solution from tablets.
How to dissolve a tablet of furacilin
You will need
  • tablets furatsilina;
  • water;
  • - alcohol.
Furatsilin is a time - tested tool that actively fights germs and bacteria. When the local application of a solution of well heals wounds. Its advantage is that it does not irritate the inflamed tissue, and therefore the healing process is painless.
For the treatment of various diseases requires a different solution. Furatsilin can be dissolved in water, physiological solution and ethyl 70% alcohol. An aqueous solution furatsilinaand the solution prepared with saline, can be used for rinsing the mouth and throat, eye wash, wetting the bandages. Alcohol solution is used for abrasions, as well as for the treatment of purulent otitis occurring in the chronic form.
For the preparation of an aqueous solution take 100 ml of boiled or distilled water and one tablet furatsilina. The water must be preheated to a temperature of 40 degrees. Furatsilina dissolve in water very slowly, so the solution will have to wait at least 12 hours. Periodically stir the water, this will accelerate the dissolving of tablets.
If the solution furatsilina required urgently, grind tablet to a powder and pour it in warm water. Carefully stir the liquid to dissolve the last crystal. But in order to avoid troubles, before use will strain the solution through cheesecloth.
Technology furatsilina dissolve in physiological solution is no different from making similar drugs on the water. The proportions and actions are absolutely identical to the one described above.
For the preparation of the alcoholic solution furatsilina add powder furatsilina (three crushed tablets) in 100 g of alcohol. Let the remedy to stand for several hours, then use it for other purposes.
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