How to prepare the surface for gluing

Before applying the adhesive surface of the heads should be thoroughly washed and dried, all moisture has evaporated. With the help of emery paper of "0" to handle future place of bonding. Thus, the surface becomes rough texture that will provide a strong adhesion of glue.
The plot watering, which was processed with emery paper needs to be washed to remove fine particles of plastic and dried thoroughly.

When the surface is dry it must be degreased to ensure that the glue has penetrated deeply into the plastic. For degreasing suitable ethyl alcohol. On a cotton swab or rag to apply a small amount of alcohol and carefully wipe the sanded area of the watering can.

How to choose the right glue

Sealing plastic watering can you need to find a glue that is similar in chemical composition to the plastic. It needs to be sufficiently strong and elastic. Adhesive mixtures with these parameters quite a lot, and each has its own properties.

1. Glue "Moment" (gel).

To prepared the place of gluing apply a small amount of glue and firmly press the break or crack. The drying time of the glue is about 15-20 minutes. Thanks to the gel consistency of the glue is easy to use. In comparison with liquid adhesives, it does not spread over the entire surface, which gives the possibility to apply it locally.

2. Glue gun with hot silicone).

Hot bonding occurs due to the heating of the silicon rod, which is the glue.
The pistol with a silicone plug to the power supply and to give him a good warm up. When heated the glue will become liquid, you can proceed to the application. The hardening of the silicone adhesive is not more than five minutes. The glue is quite strong and elastic.

3. Epoxy resin (two component adhesive)

Glue is a tube consisting of two connected syringes. One is adhesive, the other is the hardener.
From two syringes simultaneously to squeeze in a small capacity a small but equal number of formulations and thoroughly mix both components with a wooden stick. Apply the mixture on places the fault of the heads, and by connecting the surface to leave the glue on for 1-2 minutes, and then firmly pressed between the bonded parts. It is desirable to secure the glued part of the watering can with a rope or strap and leave to dry.

Epoxy is very strong and durable glue, but the drying time it can take 12-18 hours depending on the area of application and the thickness of the resin layer.