Most often "Furatsilin" is used for rinsing the mouth with gingivitis, stomatitis, sore throat, acute respiratory infections. Prepare aqueous solution: crush one tablet and add the powder in half Cup warm water. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth. Do gargle three times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms.
Use "Furatsilin" and for irrigation of the nose with sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, and sinusitis. Introduce 5 ml of the solution into each nostril 3-5 times a day. The course of treatment - 5-8 days.
For the treatment of conjunctivitis, wash the eyes with water solution "Furatsilin". To enhance the effect, after lavage, instill solution in each eye one drop. For the complete recovery requires 3-4 treatments a day throughout the week.
For the treatment of dysentery drink 2-4 pills "Furatsilinand" 4-5 times a day. Continue the treatment for weeks then take a break. If you relapse, repeat after 3-4 days. To reduce the likelihood of side effects take tablets immediately after a meal. Take them with water in an amount of not less than 100 ml.
For the treatment of purulent otitis media lay in the ears wadded turundy soaked in alcohol solution "Furatsilin". For its preparation grind 3 tablets and fill them with 100 ml of 70% alcohol. Let the liquid infuse for 2-3 days, stirring occasionally her. Strain the solution through cheesecloth. Use it also for instillation in the external auditory meatus (1-2 drops three times a day). Before the procedure, heat the solution to body temperature.
For washing of purulent wounds, the use of "Furatsilinom", diluted in water or physiological solution (1 tablet per 100 ml of liquid base). This tool is very good for frostbite and burns of 1-2 degrees.