You will need
  • Cooled boiled water and starch.
Recipes where it is possible to use starch, a lot. Starch is a white powder, and depending on the recipe, may be added as an ingredient in a dry and divorced. In dry form, for example, can be added to the dough, first mixing the flour.
However, in dishes such as pudding, starch is added in diluted form. The fact that the starch has adhesive properties (hence its use in the production of glue), if it is to provide suitable conditions. If you pour the starch in dry form into a jelly, then lumps are formed – it will stick together in the hot jelly. This can cause the jelly will be very liquid, like a juice, but with lumps.
In order not to be disappointed, right pre-dilute the starch. The starch must be diluted in boiled, cold, or warm but not hot, water. Use the proportion of about 1:2. Water must be greater than about 2 times. The amount of water can be increased, but remember that it will affect the total amount of water of food to be cooked. Pour starch water and stir until then, until it will disperse in the water. In water, the starch dissolves and disperses, mixed.
When it is time to add starch to hot substance, once again, stir the starch in the water because it will settle, and strain through a strainer. It is possible to dissolve the starch before adding it to the jelly, if you are sure that will make it quick. Now gently, a small trickle pour the mixture into the boiling water, continuously stirring it. Starch evenly disperse.