You will need
  • acid;
  • bottle;
  • - funnel;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • stand;
  • - measuring cylinder for hot water.
To prepare a 2% aqueous solution of boric acid pre-boil water. Get the acid, it is sold in any pharmacy in the form of white powder.
Rinse the vial is filtered through a swab with water.
Rinse the cylinder and measure with it in 120 milliliters of hot water.
Place the cylinder into the stand and, shaking, dissolve in hot water 2.4 grams boric acid.
The resulting solution, strain, pour into a bottle and tightly close it with a stopper. This solution can be used for eye wash, washing the skin in the treatment of acne, rinsing the mouth, rinsing the urinary tract.
To prepare a solution for treatment of sore throat, stir a teaspoon of acid in one glass of warm water. In order for the remedy took effect, rinse their throats as often as possible.
For the treatment of eczema, prepare a 1 percent solution of boric acid. To do this, take 10 grams powder of acid and dissolve it in a liter of hot boiled water.
As protivozudnoe and antiseptic used alcoholic solutions of boric acid. For their preparation take 70% alcohol and powdered boric acid in a concentration of from 0.5 to 5 percent (that is, for every 100 grams of alcohol should take from 0.5 to 5 grams of the acid).
You can prepare a solution for the treatment of acne. To do this, crush 5 tablets of dipyrone and chloramphenicol, mix 5 grams powder of boric acid or 2.5 teaspoons of its alcoholic solution, pour a glass of vodka and leave for a day, to a solution of the real thing. Then lubricate the prepared solution skin.
Applying to medical purposes, solutions of boric acid, do not forget that it relates to poisons. Therefore, avoid contact with eyes. In addition, it is better to avoid treatment with boric acid the mouth, as may occur the absorption of it in the blood, which leads to poisoning.