You will need
  • - syringe - 2;
  • - bottle of champagne - 2 PCs.
Obvious method of solution. Take one bottle of champagne and a syringe pierce the plastic tube. Choose a syringe as much as possible the volume: this depends on needle length and its strength. Puncture the tube where the thickness is less known. The needle from the bottle remove.
Disconnect the syringe from the needle, which has to be placed in the cork of the bottle. This is done in order to break the tightness of the container. Can and does pull out a needle syringe, but it is likely that the deformed plastic will tend to its original position and the hole made by the syringe will be less.
This tube insert the second syringe. Tilt the bottle and champagne dial into the syringe.
Original method of solving puzzles-puzzles: open one bottle of champagne. The second bottle must remain intact.
Turn upside down a closed bottle of champagne. Don't tilt it, the containers should be exactly perpendicular to the plane of the floor.
Inspect the closed bottom of the bottle: it is concave, like the bowl. Put some champagne from the second bottle open. If you use a sparkling wine of the champagne type, in the recess on the bottom of glass containers can fit about fifty grams of drink!
Drink! So you drank champagne from a closed bottle.