You will need
  • - furatsilin;
  • - a syringe.
The first sign of the inflammatory process in the tonsils is pain in swallowing, putrid breath, and the feeling of presence of a foreign body in the throat. To see the infection with my own eyes just go to the mirror, open your mouth wide and examine tonsils. Pus, plaque and even just redness indicates the presence of inflammation. If time does not take action, the infection will spread throughout the body, causing affected may be the heart, kidneys or joints.
At the time of treatment abstain from taking solid food, which can injure the inflamed tonsils. If fish bone or biscuit will scratch the mucous membrane, pus freely penetrate into the blood.
Effective way of dealing with infection is a lavage of tonsils. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Prepare everything you need. Remove the needle from the syringe. If you use a solution furatsilina, type it into the syringe. If your home kit is furatsilin tablets prepare a solution (one powdered tablet dissolved in 100 ml of water). If desired, instead of furatsilina can use saline solution or even plain boiled water with salt. Widely open your mouth and ask someone from the household orosite tonsils.
Can wash the tonsils and without assistance. Moisten a cotton swab in dezinficiruyusch solution, and, slightly pressing, wipe them. Replace the used cotton wool as often as possible in order not to spread the infection throughout the oral cavity. Be careful when handling not to scratch the amygdala. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences.
Carry out the procedure several times a day. As soon as the RAID will be completely eliminated and your health will improve. But we should not rely only on one wash, treatment should be complex. Be sure to take medications prescribed by a doctor.